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Buyer asks personal info

Hi, today i completed an order all was good. but when i send him the files he said i can’t able to open them please sen me on my email id and he gave me his email id. i said no i can’t send there it is against the rules and i gave him thorough instructions how to download the file and at last he was able to open the files. Buyer was satisfied and gave me 4.7 stars but he is new on fiverr it was his order given to me i think he did not know the rules of fiverr.
after accepting and rate my work. he ask me for my what app number and said one two things that was inappropriate i again tell him no ican’t then he said ok.
i report him to fiverr.
please tell that did i do right ?? although he is new to fiverr

You should applying fiverr TOS that’s what under your control, otherwise don’t care!

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yeah i did …


since you already informed your buyer the first time that what he did was wrong but he still insisted to contact you outside of Fiverr, you did totally right to report him. Probably something fishy was about to happen with this buyer. By reporting him you also protected other sellers from him.