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Buyer asks the refund but the order is completed in automatic


Hi, I have a problem with a buyer who didn’t respond at the revision in the timeframe of 3 days… now he makes proposals of cancellation or he wants to be refunded…after several weeks he even wrote that I have not the right skills to do the work (I’m an artist). It does not make sense because I have many samples in my portfolio and he shouldn’t have purchased my gig if he doesn’t like my drawings. In my opinion this is a miserable stratagem to receive a free work because all his judments are not consistent…I’m afraid this buyer will open a controversy by paypal, and a negative feedback.,How could I protect my business and reputation if in the worst case something similar will happen to me?


Tell him the order is complete and will not be refunded. Not liking it is not allowed in the rules as a reason to give a refund. Tell him no.

He might not give a negative review or a Paypal chargeback. You have to say no it is not allowed.


Fiverr has canceled my order, I’m shocked! I don’t understand the reason of this cancellation :frowning: The buyer first made the request of refund with a threat of negative feedback


So i worked for free?! this is unacceptable!


Not possible to refund them


It is so bad happened with you


Yes I received the payment because the order was completed in automatic. I lost my money the same? I don’t understand the reason yet.


Sorry to hear that Michel, if your order marked as complete then contact your buyer right away and inform your buyer that your still here to help with anything. this will help you to avoid cancellations. it works fine for me because once the order marked as completed I’ll contact my buyers right away and inform it.


thank you for your suggestion. Before the delivery I written many times to the customer but without a reply. I asked to the CS the reason of the cancellation. However in my fiverr I have the same money in the balance


It’s not my fault if the buyer doesn’t ask to the revision in 3 days. I think the customer knows he has to respond in 3 days…I’ll wait for the reply from the CS. It’s unacceptable this situation because I can’t work for free and I followed all the istructions of the customer


That is a problem actually,
Sometimes we work for free


In this way anyone can deceive us if fiverr everytime refunds the customer. Fortunately I have aready transferred all my money of tne transaction. So I don’t know how the customer will receive the refund. We are not protected


Yes sometimes you have to work for free and you have to accept it especially if you are a new seller and you don’t know how you can prevent this kind of issues, this is one of the method to get free work so now you know.
You will soon understand quickly when a potential buyer is a real or not.


I’m not a new seller but this is the first time that i met a so bad buyer…Now I know how I can solve these situations…


There’s many times in the past where I came across a disrespectful or just annoying buyer. The first couple of times I was still lowering myself to the buyers level. But I’ve noticed that sometimes you have to swallow your pride and just give in.
I do agree with you that we as Fiverr sellers don’t get the protection that we deserve. In certain situations a buyer can take you “hostage” by threatening with bad feedback or ordering something and then not supplying a document until the deadline is passed…


I have faced this issue and also commented for some other sellers faced the same situation.

What we need to understand here is, even the job is 100% completed there is option for buyer to refund.

There for avoid this kind of Refunds / Cancelations / Poor ratings, we need to complete the order with the 100% customer satisfaction.

Actually the buyers are always satisfied on this platform you know how, even they are not satisfied with the delivery they can complain to the CS and CS will make them satisfied by refunding.

From the point of view of fiver, the buyers are more worth than sellers, even in any business this philosophy will be same. Other wise it will make buyers to leave this platform then it will be a loss for all of us.

There for do not feel sad for this and … just think as “Each failures have a success behind it” … and concentrate on your next project to complete it with 100% customer satisfaction.


This really concerns me!


thank you so much for the support…Yes fortunately I finished many other positive transactions in fiverr and I’m going to do my best :slight_smile:


Yes… i have already seen your profile you have more good reviews but unfortunately some times we have to face this type of situations.

If any time, a order automatically marked as completed then you just send a message in a polite way to get buyers feedback … remember to mention that you can accept if there is any modifications on the job to best fit to there requirement (on your all gigs you have accepted at least 1 revision). i believe this will not lead them to cancel/Refund.