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Buyer asks to cancel and refund after delivering the order successfully


I recently had an order with 2 gig extras which cost total of $15. So I worked hard and delivered it within a day even if I got 2 days for it. But she didn’t satisfy and directly asked me to cancel the order and refund. But I messaged her stating that it will affect my level 1 status because it will increase the cancellation ratio.

But she did not hear. I tried again and re-delivered the product. My gig is about editing images so I edited them as she described me.

Then I contacted fiverr CS and provided all the evidence but they did not respond. And now the buyer requested a mutual cancellation from me. What should I do?

As a visually handicapped person it was really hard for me to edit all those images so quickly but somehow I did it thinking my buyers will satisfy. Actually she was happy once she ordered my gig in an earlier attempt. I think this time all she want is to get her money back after getting her work done successfully. I am really sad because this is my only source of income :frowning:


I totally agree with you but being here for more than 2 yrs I can say with very confidence that there are only and very few things that you do in this situation and one of them is pray… I literally face these situations almost after every few days.

I suggest it is better to cancel the order even IF buyer has actually decided to keep your work and her money both. If you decide to keep the order and insist she will leave a negative feedback or it will late to deliver the order and that will even damage more to your reputation than cancellation ratio.

It is always good not to get too much involved with these kind of buyers as even you will offer them extra work there is no guarantee they will not ditch you again.

I suggest a cancellation of order and stay safe.




So… Let me get this straight. You are an image editor… And you’re visually impaired?

C’mon now. Really? That’s the silliest thing I’ve ever read. That’s like using a Blind person as a lookout.

I also want to ask why a pro editor/photoshop artist needs to use a template for their gig video? Are you even allowed? I’m pretty sure I have that template video and because I pay for my subscription to VideoBlocks I can use it. So… Are you a paid subscriber?


In regards to your situation. Your best bet is to cancel. Or, they will probably leave bad feedback. We all have to do it from time to time. Some people are just not happy and can’t be made happy. So a refund is the only way. Unless you don’t mind the negative feedback.


Your gig says this:

“Unlimited revisions until you satisfy”


I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with being visually impaired. I’m just saying that doing a completely visual styled gig is a little strange. Like I said:

bigbadbilly said: That's like using a Blind person as a lookout.

For University, papers, education, stuff like that. Not having perfect site is fine. Write papers, study etc, etc. But for a gig that is pure imagery and attention to visual detail... Like I said... Just kind of odd.

As for the template. To each his own I guess. But you pass it off like it's yours. " 10 years experience etc, etc ".

I'm not bashing your gig. And it looks like you do a good job. I'm just wondering why you would be straining your eyes because you have sight problems... doing visual gigs that earn you 4 bucks. That's all.

And, as a film editor myself, I would have to quit my job if my eyesight started failing. I wouldn't have a choice.

That. Is. All.


Reply to @picaya: Yes my friend you are correct. As we can’t change people only thing we can do is let them take what they want. As a buddhist I don’t pray but I do believe if someone do bad karma it will affect THEIR future. Not ours. So I am gonna accept the cancellation request and let her take what she want. Happy selling everyone. Peace


Reply to @bigbadbilly: yes I am visually impaired. I have glaucoma and I lost vision on my left eye. But it doesn’t really matter because I am still good at those things. Otherwise how do I do my university degree being visually impaired?

And what’s wrong with my gig video being made out of a template? I am not a video editor. So I purchased a videoscribe software and use it to make my own promotion stuff. If you’re not sure with my work, just go and see my work samples in my gig. Ok I am going to cancel that order.


Reply to @bigbadbilly: yes I know mate. But being jobless I don’t have another choice. You can see that I am from a 3rd world country where earning opportunities are very little when comparing to a country like USA. But actually it’s still easy for me to work at my own home than working at a crowded office where I cannot get rest wherever I want. Anyway I am desperately looking for a job right now because I can’t even pay for my exams furthermore.


Reply to @ryangillam: Of course I re-deliver my orders until my customers get satisfied. But that buyer just wanted the refund even if I re-delivered it. That’s why I say she is cheating.


I understand that boat. Completely.


Reply to @bachas85: Hehe. But you know what? I re-deliver my orders until every customer get satisfied. I know it’s too much effort but we have to always do it for graphic designing gigs. But THAT buyer, she just ordered a refund from me even when I agreed to re-deliver her order within time. Actually I re-delivered it. But she did not satisfy. All she said was “Thanks for re-delivering. Now refund” :frowning:


Do any of you know why my level 1 status doesn’t show up in here?


Reply to @thinkzpace: I’m wondering about that myself. I created a ticket with CS about it.


@thinkzpace @ricksper Well, my level badge shows up but NOT my profile picture! And I already tried CS…they have no idea why. So I doubt they’ll know why your badge doesn’t show up, but I can tell you what they’ll suggest: Use Chrome or Mozilla or another browser. Clear your cache and your cookies. Log out of the site, then log on again.

Good luck with that! (as you can see, it didn’t work for me).


Reply to @thinkzpace: You did the right thing :slight_smile:

Don’t let anyone hurt your hard earned reputation…


Reply to @thinkzpace: I think for for Level 1 it’s Green icon of Goat or Cow or some 4 legged mammal… look right under you name here :smiley:


Reply to @thinkzpace: Naahh… I just checked there is a proper icon for level one showing in forums… try contact CS it may seems like a bug.


Reply to @picaya: haha no worries mate. Who cares about badges on forums :stuck_out_tongue:


really sad to hear this, it also happened with me many times.

thinkzpace said: Reply to @picaya: haha no worries mate. Who cares about badges on forums
Reply to @thinkzpace: I don't worry so much about the badge, more so about the capabilities of the programmers.