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Buyer asks to deliver orders in 2 hours instead of 24

My constant buyer asks me to always deliver his orders in 2 hours or so, whenever he wants it done. What should I do in this situation? Is this a normal thing on Fiver?

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And if they order while you’re asleep, or shopping, or - well you get the idea. :wink:

24 hours is the minimum delivery time. If you want to deliver more quickly than that then that’s great, but a buyer shouldn’t be demanding it.


It’s not his choice when you’ll be delivering your service.
He’s the one in the need of your services.
The packages are clearly specifying the delivery time and he shouldn’t be demanding otherwise.
It’s your choice if you want to deliver it in 2 hours and charge more or not. You can ask him to buy another package to complement the time and effort you put into the project. I’m sure you can both find a way to solve the issue.


Not normal but happens sometimes,

You can discuses your buyer if possible, and tell your available timing. if it’s the work you can do in 2 hrs then take the project Or leave if not.

1 day is normal …

It’s all about your choice. If you can deliver, have deal with him. If you can’t just explain that you are not the best fit for him and request to find another seller

In order to avoid unpleasant situations, please be sure to add more time that you will actually need, as a safety net. Explain the buyer that it is impossible to deliver a good quality work without taking your time to do it.


You should do as the buyer says. Due to this your profile upgrade and you can get more orders.and your buyer also order you for next time.

Would you really limit yourself to 2 hours to complete a gig? What would happen if you delivered in 2 hours and 10 minutes - would you expect a negative review from your buyer even though the minimum gig time is 24 hours?

And again expect it in 2 hours or less? Would it be worth it?


Even the minimum time to deliver order is 24 hours but if you take the order to complete in 2 hours then you should complete order otherwise buyer can give a negative review it depends upon buyer.

Why give them the opportunity?

There are enough tales of ‘bad buyers’ - an expression I dislike intensely BTW, without encouraging them by promising ‘2 hours delivery or you can give me a negative review’. :wink:

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Have the same issue with my Top Buyer, 90% of his orders are ending with a sentence “I need this in 2-3h” and he always add’s the 24h delivery extra. In the beginning I tried to deliver as fast as I could, depending on the work amount of course, but it was in the 6h time frame. We’ve done over 100 orders and in the last 50 I haven’t delivered in 2-3h like the buyer asked for because I just don’t have the time to do it anymore, also Fiverr is offering a 24h option and if I/You deliver in that time frame, nothing will affect my profile or ranking, maybe I will/you get a bad review but that can also be sorted out with CS. So in the end, if you can delivery earlier than that’s great but don’t stress about it if you can’t, the delivery time that you set is your main concern at the end :slight_smile: