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Buyer attachments not showing

Hi all

First time posting here so apologies if I get anything wrong with the forum etiquette. I have searched this issue extensively but every forum post on this issue and similar issues has been left open and there’s never been any solid fix that I’ve found so I’m posting to see if anyone has a definitive fix that I can implement from my end.

The issue is that attachments are not showing in the ‘order requirements’ section of new gigs. At first I assumed they had not been attached correctly by the buyers but after verifying with an experienced repeat buyer that they had indeed uploaded correctly I know that’s not the issue. On one order for example I know that 1 video file, 1 audio file and one jpeg have been uploaded. Strangely the jpeg is the only visible file when viewing the order from the fiverr app on an iPhone/iPad but no files are visible at all on any pc or mac at all.

Things I’ve tried…

-Chrome, firefox & safari on mac
-Chrome & firefox on PC
-iPad & iPhone app (strangely these show the jpeg attachment.
-Safari and chrome on iPhone
-Clearing cache on all these browsers
-Logging out of all devices

Any help or ideas on further things to try greatly appreciated!

I’ve of course contacted support but am yet to receive a reply and for me this matter is urgent as a lot of my gigs are 24hr turnarounds. I’m aware of using other services to get the files but with timezone differences and the quick turnarounds, if I miss that initial upload I can be at serious risk of missing my deadlines.

Many thanks


Hello, did you find a solution for this? I faced this issue too. The buyer said he has attached 10 images. When I view his order from the phone, I see only two images, but when I view his order from PC, I see nothing!

What are the file extensions? If not the common BMP, JPG, PNG, and the extensions are uncommon, that might be causing an issue.

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No, I didn’t find a solution. Support said just to ask for the files to be re-uploaded which wasn’t massively helpful as it was a 24 hour turnaround gig with someone in a different time zone so by the time they could re-upload the gig was very close to expiring.
I had it happen on two separate gigs around that time but luckily not since.
Good luck!

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The same happened to me. I asked to reupload the files and also I asked to extend the delivery time because I lost the whole day waiting for his reply. He had re-uploaded the files and agreed to extend the delivery time.

JPG files so that’s not the case when this is because of file extension I think