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Buyer attempts repeated cancellations; met with refusal

I have a buyer who is trying to cancel their order on a host of non-sticking grounds. They inquired initially why it would take a week to get their work done and I let them know that I had large orders in my hand coming due before theirs. This buyer wanted a generic article (at least that’s how it came to me in the requirements). They were also saying that I didn’t respond quickly, which can be easily disputed with the Fiverr timestamps.

When I send the project in, they rejected it saying it didn’t make sense. When I inquired why it didn’t make sense, I heard crickets. I waited a day, altered it a bit, and resent it. During the middle of the night, I get a cancellation request saying I didn’t write the article based on information related to a particular industry. Aha! So, that’s what they need. (This WAS NOT given beforehand, nor was discussed when they inquired about the timeframe.)

So I declined the cancellation request, get up and work on the article. I re-edit it and feel good about it. (Felt good about the other one too). I re-deliver it, and wait. Sure enough, this buyer comes back with yet another cancellation request, saying long wait time, poor quality. No other discussions.

At this point, I had suspected as much would happen. Do a quick research on this buyer and find they are a problematic buyer for several sellers. And, those with 5-stars for him made a generic remark. I have already reached out to the customer service before the second cancel request, advising them that this buyer is not entitled to a refund because I have more than made an attempt to reach out to them.

I denied the request again, and let them know that I have gone above and beyond with their order. I even specifically asked them what were they looking for so I could craft an article that hit the points they were looking for. After all, without their input, I can only assume based on the topic and research provided. Again, crickets!

In the same message, I told them it was my belief that they were attempting to extort me of a free article. As such, they would not be receiving a cancellation on my end. I am sure they were not happy with that message.

I was surprised not to have another cancellaton request.

Oh, and if this order should complete and the buyer leaves negative feedback (which will be riddled with lies, I’m sure), I’m going to decimate them with my own 1* feedback. In fact, I’ve already written it out in a Word document. It’s clearly more in-depth than other sellers have left for them. I’ll be using every single line Fiverr offers me to write this review.



I am glad that you didn’t give up and just accept the cancellation request, I hate when buyers bully sellers. Happened to me and I learned to stand my ground. So kudos to you for that.

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