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Buyer Auto order then cancel

The buyer can direct auto-order. And some buyer does not any discussion before starting the project. Even they do not know, What needs for his/her project like the content.

When I ask his/her the content for his/her project then don’t understand anything and when understand then they want to cancel the order.

Note: My gig description and the basic price description has clear instruction “contact me before placing the order”

Please, everyone, share your experience like that problem.

What can I do for this problem?

Advance thanks for sharing your experience


If you type “buyer orders without contact” in the search bar above there are several posts on the subject which you may find interesting.


Of course they can. That’s how fiverr works. That’s their main feature that they are proud of.

I didn’t check your gig but could it be that they don’t understand it because of your English?
It’s quite difficult to understand your post here so I’m sure that for some clients it might be difficult to understand your gig description and explanations.


hello wordpress_chief
I hope everything is going well. I think every seller facing this type of problem but the percentage is minor. yes on that market place a little percentage of the buyer doing like this by mistake or they are new. and some of those are very clever and they are trying to blackmail the seller. and they are targeted also new or intermediate type sellers. but we can easily solve this problem bu connecting support.
top of that, it’s a minor problem and it’s man-made mistakes. as a human, we have to tolerate that. but, who are blackmailers we have to identify then we have to step on them by connecting customer support.


This is not how Fiverr was designed to work.

If you require people to contact you before ordering, then maybe either your pricing is too low, or your gig is not designed properly.

Or both. You need to work on your gig, as Fiverr has no intent of adding that level of friction between customers and the purchase button.


Thank’s for your valuable replay.

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Thank’s for your valuable replay and also understand the problem.


Thank’s for your valuable replay, I will check my everything properly.