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Buyer automatically got reported

Just a bit ago, I have received a message related to my gig. But it was automatically reported. I didn’t reported it. I can’t see any way to reply him without clicking on unspam request. I want to keep up my response time and response rate. What should I do? Shall I click on ‘unspam request’ and continue to communicate?
I have attached a screenshot of actual matter.

you should click unspam

Hmmm. Are you sure there Isn’t any risk?

There isn’t any risk. I purposely unspam it and reply “spam” just so my response rate? or time? (i get confused which term means which) won’t be affected… then report it again.

Usually buyers like those just use the same message when they inquire from sellers… that’s why Fiverr marks it as spam. I think those are the type of buyers are the ones looking for those who offer the cheapest gigs to get their job done

Thank you! It was helpful :slight_smile:

Unspam the message. There is no risk.