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Buyer back to back ordering and canceling said orders harmed my complicion rate


_emphasized text_I’m hoping someone can help me with this problem. One of my buyers, who I have told time after time to wait for me to finish asking him what his order will require so that I can advise him on which package and extras are best for him has made multiple orders in the past two hours and has proceeded to cancelling them right away without me being able to do anything about it.
As a result, my 100% completion rate has dropped to an 82%.
I have worked very hard to deliver every single one of my orders and this has disheartened me a lot. It doesn’t seem fair that because a person can’t follow, or doesn’t care to follow directions my hard work and reputation as a diligent seller has to suffer. Is there a way that my stats can be fixed?
I don’t know what to do and every time I look at those stats my heart brakes because it’s something that happened very unfairly and if I would have been given the time, I would have done something to prevent. Can anyone please help me?

PS: I’m not new here, I’ve been a Fiverr seller for well over two years and this is the first time something like this happened, words can’t describe all that I’m feeling right now. I want to even cancel the one active order he has right now, but fearing it will continue to harm my stats, I’m swallowing that bitter pill.
I contacted the support team and gave them the number of the orders he canceled, but what can they even do at this point? I really wish someone, anyone with knowledge of this can help me, or share how they got through a similar experience.


No one in the forum can help.

Try contacting Customer Support.

Good luck.