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Buyer Bad Behavior Resulting in order competition loss

Hi, I am working on fiverr since 4 months and got some proper client, but suddenly one buyer wants me to do create layout after I deliver the project he makes revisions because of layout isn’t align with sample but it is similar pretty much, he wants to make revision and take my earning and say I will cancel the order or do the modifications for free.
After that, my order completion will effect I guess so what I have to do in this case?
Sorry for bad English.

Copy & paste the discussion, with these threats and report to CS. Just be sure to show that you delivered the project as per the Brief and your Portfolio.


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Hi there.

It depends.
If you enjoy working with this buyer, and you feel that tis buyer could bring you more order in future, then why not? You can judge that by how he/she communicate with you.

BUT, if you feel this buyer is a bad buyer, then i agree with @benedictrm.
Contact CS , screen shot his message, and show it
Hopefull CS help you with this matter.