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Buyer bad rating by mistake. Is there any way to change it?

the buyer is satisfied with my service. Since the buyer is new at fiverr, he or she mistakenly rated my service with 4.3 star as feedback. Now, is that possible to change this rating either by myself or by the buyer by contacting the support!? i heard, but not sure, that if anyone wants to talk about review support gives warning!?

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4.3 is a good rating.

However, buyer can change/update/remove their feedback by contacting support. Feedback can be provided up to 10 days after the last delivery of the order. Once a seller provide feedback, it cannot be changed.

No it CAN’T be changed even if you contact support. All you going to get after contacting support asking to change a feedback is a warning on your account.

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This is what is mentioned on the link above!

What do I do if my buyer wants to remove their feedback?
If your buyer would like to leave update/remove their feedback, we recommend communicating with your buyer to have them reach out to our Support team.

Most fo the articles and TOS text is outdated. Even the seller levels are showing incorrect benefits. They don’t really update that stuff. So even if it says you should communicate, it has not been allowed for many months now.

So not really sure why they punish for something that their own rules encourages you to do. :thinking:

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No, it’s not possible to change that.

Even it is possible, I recommend you not to ask CS or the Buyer to do so. That’s what i do if i was in this situation even with a 1 star review. :slight_smile:

I’m going to take my popcorn and watch that drama, I’m sure ending will be very unpredictable. :popcorn:

This is something acceptable since this article is from official fiverr page. :slight_smile: