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Buyer banned with pending orders


I have been on Fiverr for quite some time and just had the worse experience as a seller on Fiverr in a week. I had this buyer contact me a few days ago, asking me to build a website on Wix for him with a sleek design. He sent the requirements and everything looks good so I took up the project (two gigs purchased by him) when he accepted the custom offer I noticed he was a new seller with (6) 5-star reviews and I guess the job was outsourced but that didn’t matter to me.

Everything was good and I finished 98% of the website in just 3 days, he made me work exclusively on it because of the pressure from his client. Yesterday I wanted to contact him and noticed I couldn’t. I saw this message on his chatbox [ user can no longer be contacted. This will not affect your response rate. ]

I was able to contact him from the order chat page and he explained to me he has an issue with ID but it’s been sorted out and I shouldn’t worry but continue. I expressed my fears and told him if it wasn’t sorted out with support my gig will be canceled and he will be refunded and all my work for the past 3 days exclusively will be a waste. He assured me that wasn’t going to happen as support is already working on it.

This afternoon just when I was about to deliver the finished work I got a notification that the order was canceled by support. I can’t contact him, I can’t contact his client, the work was completed and the client has a shiny new website for FREE! The sad thing? My order completion rate was affected from 92% down to 85% for something that is not my fault in any way. This is the second time my client was banned in just a week, I lost $210 the first time (same case scenario but from a top buyer account) now this? Is this the new trend? are buyers creating fake accounts and getting free work with a refund after violating TOS? I’m devasted honestly.


Two days ago my two orders has been cancelled same time . and refunded the amount . I had completed those order about 1 months ago .and now cancelled . Everything can be happen . hope fiverr will update this system…


so sad experience, Fiverr should take care about this type of problems and cancellation rate


Fiverr only care about the buyers. Seller always face these kind of things.


You have to talk with someone at customer support and they might fix your issue, don’t give up!


The buyer already got refunded, I don’t expect anything than an apology from support so it’s not even worth it.