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Buyer basically blackmailing with bad feedback to refund completed order


Long story short the buyer purchased a lot of extras for a flyer distribution gig. The job was completed and I sent photos for proof. The buyer repeatedly declined delivery simply stating “poor placement” over and over. The thing is the placement was not poor and nothing in the photos says that or could even make him think that. The flyers were posted in the most high traffic spots on campus, but that’s not even important because he never requested specific placement so the gig was delivered as advertised.

After refusing to refund him for no reason he left feedback saying “Poor placement in poor locations”. Again he can’t possibly even know that from what the photos show. He was clearly hoping I would just give him the money back after completing the job to avoid bad feedback, which is basically blackmailing, but I won’t do that out of principle.

Is there anything I can do to about this? Fiverr shouldn’t allow that, otherwise buyers can just simply threaten leaving poor feedback this way for everyone and get free work done.


I also offered to deliver more flyers and let him select exact locations which he again declined by saying “poor placement”


It’s the NYU gig. I really can’t refuse the money because I already spent money on the ink to print the flyers and spent time hanging them, if I let him cancel I end up losing money.

I contacted fiverr about it now. Thanks for the help.


I havea flyer gig also. I usually let them know my plan for distribution depending on the material on the flyer.

If they don’t like it but you were upfront hold your ground. Customer service was the right way to go.


If you have proof of blackmail and you have delivered what you were suppose to correctly, then you will win the case.


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I personally agree,I use to enjoy being here and deliver good work,but it seems like fiverr is not actually analyzing the situation,but yes penalizing members for no reason.

I run several websites,and i don’t do this,but that’s how fiverr ,works.

I have been penalized of fiverr search for mistakes haven’t been made by me,and I get always same answers from CA,even my messages do get deleted,after sending them so many requests,anyway,I don’t have more words,just hope somebody will experience that as I did,just to prove it.

All the Best…Seo_spider on Fiverr