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Buyer behave is not good. What can i Do?

My name is Saiful, I have been working on Fiverr more than 4 months, I have new seller and 5-star review
I was got a job on 15th September on Product color change and enhancement but the gig was logo platform but the buyer gave me the job. I gave him successfully one revision. But she saw the gig logo platform for that reason buyer cancel the job. I am a loser as a new seller. I requested him I am expert Photoshop. Which you want the job. I delivery you but he cancels the job. I ask everyone this situation what can I do. Please comment.
Md. Saiful Islam

It’s difficult to understand your post since your English is a little rough, but I’ll try to make some broad remarks. It may be that this potential buyer you had also had trouble understanding you and just wanted to get out of the deal because of communication.

I am not certain if you are saying the buyer actually placed an order on Sept 15, or if you mean that they just discussed an order with you via messages. Either way, it appears that they weren’t happy for some reason and they wanted to cancel whatever you had discussed. Since that was nearly a month ago, I don’t really know why it would still be going on.

Did you actually get an order and deliver it? Did it get marked complete? Without knowing more, there is not much else I can say. If the order was never made or never marked complete, it seems like your best option might be to walk away since you and the buyer haven’t come to a meeting of the minds. If you did deliver and it was complete, you don’t have to do anything else.

What I got is that the buyer ordered, he delivered and did a revision, then the buyer realized the gig was for something different and backed out. Maybe?

:woman_shrugging: I’m not sure. I guess OP will elaborate, or not…