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Buyer behaviour is getting worst

they want that seller work for 30 days in $5 :cry:


Lower price you have on gig, more work you do for that people :wink:
They know how badly u want to get reviews, so thats the main reason. And those people always wants so much for 5 bucks. Higher the price is , less problems it cause. Ofcourse it depends also on your skills.


Sadly scammer buyers exist.

I’m sure you realise this, but these type of buyers are abusers. They will push you harder and harder, they will constantly request revisions when in reality the revisions should be a new order, they will threaten negative feedback if you do not comply, etc.

The best thing you can do is avoid working with them.


bruh that’s mess up… …

Best thing you can do is clearly lay out what you are or are not willing to do before you start. That way there is no argument.

Why does this make you sad? How does it affect you? If you see a bad deal, don’t take it.

Any business has its share of jerks. Doesn’t mean you can’t be successful.


That’s right… …

Thank you for your motivation :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

But how would we know we’re getting into that mess?
I had a similar experience today in which buyer was ok in the beginning but I guess she was expecting some miraculous results in a single healing session. When I tried explaining her she used offensive words and threatened to give negative feedbacks on all my gigs through her friends. I asked her to take the refund (though I had worked for her) but she’s taking it on a complete other level.

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Don’t accept that. You deserve more. :wink:
I know it may be hard, specially if it’s the first order or one of the firsts, but don’t lower your standards too much just to earn… 5$.
Let them know your work has worth and deserves more than 5$.

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Omg that’s horrible, I dont have any clients yet but i dont know what i would do in this situation, I’m so sorry.