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Buyer being charged more than the basic amount

My buyer complained about the significant increase of the amount he paid for a basic gig. Instead of just $5, he paid $7.06?

Does any of you experienced this? Is this how fiverr charges the buyer now without the knowledge of the seller?

I attached the screenshot. (won’t attached)

Here’s the screenshot url:

Is the buyer in Australia by any chance? That screenshot looks like USD $5 converted to AUD to me. If the buyer is in Australia or has display set to it might display like that. If so, I’m pretty sure they are still only charged the equivalent of $5.

The new currency display doesn’t change the actual price, just how it looks. You can have the buyer contact Customer Support if they feel they were actually charged more than $5 (plus processing fee if it applies to their payment method.)

Yes, he is from Australia. I did not notice the A$ currency there. Thanks for pointing this out. This maybe the case. I will tell him to contact support.


No problem! Some repeat buyers may be confused at first since converted currency display is somewhat new. :slight_smile: