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Buyer being scammed and warned vs Seller Accountable

I’m struggling with Fiverr. There’s no accountability.

I was warned after cancelling two orders, after recurrently being bothered by Sellers not meeting te requirements of my projects.

I work hard for my money, and I don’t see why Fiverr shields sellers that don’t deliver results. I received my second warning after canceling a project because the seller said he was on vacation and didn’t mean to allow projects to go through.

I’m tired of being harassed by Fiverr and getting no help in dealing with issues, even when I contact support. I also accidently opened a seller profile when I ONLY want a buyer profile.


There’s no buyer or seller profile - we all have a profile from which we can buy and sell. :slightly_smiling_face:

They don’t - sellers’ levels depend on them retaining a completion rate of 90% and above - below that and they get demoted at the next monthly evaluation.


Are you saying you are a Buyer and you got warning from Fiverr after cancelling two orders?

Yes, it’s so upsetting to me, because I’m the buyer.

While I can understand your frustration, it’s important you understand that… sellers get ripped off all the time by buyers cancelling AFTER work has been completed - as outlined in their gig description (among other things). Ultimately they work for free, when that happens.

In addition cancellations, affect stats, and can cause the seller to be demoted. The demotion can be devastating if a seller has relied on a set income range, and geared their lives around those earnings being relatively reliable.

Cancelling is a serious issue nowadays.

Sometimes this even happens AFTER the buyer leaves a fabulous 5 star review… and then cancels through paypal (charge-back)…likely never planning on buying a gig in the first place. Not to mention buyers requesting cancellations before the order has even begun because they “ordered the wrong thing.” But… that’s a whole other story.:no_mouth:

Fiverr likely is warning you, so that you are more conscientious and purchase more carefully… to avoid a seller losing money they worked for, or getting ripped off by someone who doesn’t plan on paying (not saying that is the case for you.).


I did not know this happened to Buyers. Fiverr is looking out for us after all. :wink:


If it’s the second time you’re cancelling the order then I would recommend improving your vetting process for sellers. I don’t know what the case is here, but usually it’s because buyers are focusing too much on the price while they should focus on quality.

If you need help vetting your sellers then describe what you’re looking for and we might be able to help you.

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My thoughts exactly… I was pleasantly surprised, to be honest.:blush: