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Buyer being unjust and unfair

So cutting the long story short. This buyer came to me for illustrations and sketches and I showed her the initial sketches after she placed the order. She told me to complete the illustrations with a minor changes and I did that and delivered the work. The order was marked completed automatically and she returned after a week and left a negative review saying "This is not what I wanted and I want my money back"
Man, 6 am in the morning and that notification. Not a really nice feeling to wake up to. Anyway, I talked to her and told her that how she agreed on the sketches and how she is being lame and not being fair. But she never listened and kept on making lame excuses. There was no issue whatsoever in the illustrations I delivered. Now she wants a refund. I mean I worked hard on that project and now she wants a refund for no reason. This is no way at all. There should be a policy for sellers to deal with such buyers or is there any? Any comments will be appreciated.

According to Fiverr’s Terms Of Service, a buyer is not entitled to a refund if the seller has completed the order according to the terms of the gig. If you do not feel that the order needs to be refunded, then don’t agree to a refund. Just be aware that the buyer is then entitled to leave a review of their experience with that order – and that review could be negative.

Hey man, I had the same thing happen to me before. If the order is automatically completed that means you will get the money and there is no need for you to worry. If she keeps harassing you for refund even though you told her your are not going to give her a refund you can just ignore her, block her (if possible), or just tell a staff member about her but you don’t need to argue with her when the order is already completed because that is her mistake, not yours.

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But what if she goes to customer support? Can they cancel the order? That happened to me once that the customer support cancelled the order without asking me. And I really don’t feel like issuing a refund to her since she is not being fair at all.

If you’re particularly worried about the buyer taking the issue to Customer Support then do it yourself first. Ask for the negative review to be taken down or something, stating that she agreed to the work (show screenshots) but later renegged and wants a refund for work she had previously accepted. Sounds like she’s scamming.

It seems the review is less the issue though, and Customer Support will only remove negative feedback a few times (I think it’s 2 or 3 times before they tell you to just “work it out with the buyer” or something).

Alternatively, if you think the buyer is harassing you, you can open a ticket about that. Don’t spam CS, of course, but if you’re worried the buyer will talk with CS, do so first, with screenshots to prove the buyer is in the wrong. Assuming your perspective is completely truthful, you clearly have done the right things so far and if the buyer wants to cancel it’s probably because they want free work.

Hi, thank you very much for the suggestion. I just talked to customer support and sent them all the screen shots. I seriously wouldn’t issue a refund since she is clearly being unjust and unfair. I agreed on issuing a refund and then thought of the work I had done and changed my mind as she totally asked for minor changes and then I did those and delivered all the work.

Okay now she has turned a dispute on through Paypal and has deactivated her account. She has gone awol with the artwork. I did contact customer support and told them everything before hand and yet she managed to go away with the artwork. Is fiverr customer support for buyers only?

If she went through Paypal then Fiverr may have deactivated her account, as a chargeback is against Fiverr’s ToS. Fiverr can’t really stop that, unfortunately.

Here’s what little you can do: Post the work online.
I hope you have a blog or something where you demonstrate your work. Put it up with your name and and the date. Now it’s online from YOU first, so if you find it on her website or something you can yell copyright and have it removed or follow legal measures. If she pushes the chargeback and you lose your money, she never has permission to use your work and you can take her down for it. I’ve heard Google punishes people who use copyrighted material commercially/illegally.

Customer Support is actually really helpful for sellers, but in this case their hands are tied by Paypal. Don’t blame Fiverr, blame your scammy buyer.