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Buyer being unreasonable and give false review

The buyer placed an order with extras included(Source File & Commercial Use) by himself(not by me). I then approaches him to obtain more details. Later then, I started my work and deliver a sketch for him. We have a discussion and I continued my work.

I did everything perfectly as how he wanted. After I delivered my final work, the buyer didn’t request for any revision either. And now he give me 1-star review, claiming that the price is not reasonable for the gig extras. I asked him in chat, and he says that I should have inform him the price of the gig extras. (Which sounds like he’s not aware of the price.) But the point is, he made the order by himself at the beginning, didn’t he should be aware of all the details before checkout?

Is this really my problem? I’ve been trying to build a positive portfolio here, but the review seems to bring negative effect to it. I’m quite fresh to the platform here, please let me know what can I do next. Do CS solve for this kind of issue? Thank you.

You can try CS but TBH I think all you can do is to respond carefully to the review pointing out the facts that make his review more about him than you.

If you take this path, do it with great care as if you simply splatter him with poop, you look like it was your fault or you are a nasty seller. However, if you can show that you are a classy professional and that this review is vindictive, you can benefit from the negative review as the kind of buyers you want will be impressed.


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To me, it seems the situation went south when you said you’d have to charge more to extend the delivery time. I understand that, at the time, you didn’t know you didn’t need to charge more, but that does seem to be where your buyer’s anger is coming from.

As a Fiverr seller, you have to know how the platform works in order to avoid misunderstandings. It would be wise to read the articles Fiverr provides ( and the Terms of Service.

That said, if your buyer added the extras by himself, then he knew what he was paying for. He saw the total amount and agreed to place the order. The fact that he questioned it sounds odd to me. I’m guessing that either he didn’t pay attention to what he was paying for and didn’t know that adding extras would cost more or that he’s just venting at you because of the incident you two had with the delivery extension.

Either way, you can reply to his review and try to remediate things by explaining your side of the story (politely) so that future buyers will see it.


I’m afraid that the negative review had indirectly stopped me from getting new buyers. I only have 2 reviews before this, so the negative review weighs a lot in the total average review of the gig. The potential buyers might just lost their trust/interest on the gig before even click in. Sighs… I even gave the buyer a 5 star review.

I’m not talking about reviewing your buyer. If you go to your order page, you’ll see that you have the option to reply to your buyer’s review. When you do that, your reply is shown below your buyer’s review on your gig page, just like this:

You have an average of 4.7 now, that’s still good and shouldn’t scare away too many new buyers.
The portfolio samples on other reviews look consistent in quality and are in line with what is advertised. So don’t worry about one bad review too much.

The buyer’s childish attitude of “Thanks, I hate it” is pretty telling. That’s good news that you won’t be receiving any new orders from them.

On the other hand, it kind of looks like at some point you’re trying to mislead the buyer and get another $5 out of them by making claims that are untrue. Even if it was by accident, I wouldn’t get CS involved to avoid getting a warning.

Just respond to the review and let it go.


NICE COMMENTS. good for new sellers