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Buyer Beware/fragglesrock/Sabotaging Seller!


I actually chose not to post this originally,

however after some thought decided,

If this guy is capable of this,

buyers need to know before they share their Admin Information with him.

Sabotaging Seller!!!

fragglesrock just used Admin Privileges which I gave him to my Face Book Page, so that he could do some work for me, to sabotage hijack, my entire FaceBook Page,

after he was unable to do a job which he said he could do,

after I gave him everything he needed to determine if he could do it or not, and after looking at it. and being given a thorough explanation of what I wanted, he said he understood,asked for more money which I really had no problem with, until he became angry when he could not finish in 1 hour, though the job gave him 24 hours to complete it???

He could not understand why,

I did not want to pay for work which he did not even spend time on or come close to completing.

I asked if we could resolve this somehow, and had intended to pay him something anyway, just for taking any time to look, but his temper took over, and he demanded full payment after discovering what he would have discovered before asking for more money, if he had checked out the materials I gave him, before telling me he could do the job if he .

I’m Surprised by this experience,

I have a wonderful relationship with Fiverr sellers thus far, fragglesrock

Is the exception !!!

[Please do not call out other Fiverr sellers. The Forum is not meant to be a replacement for support. Thank you for your cooperation.]


I’m sorry to hear that. I try not to order gigs that require sensitive information and admin access. It doesn’t matter if the person is a level two or Top Rated Sellr, I still wouldn’t trust anyone with access to something that I can’t reverse or have a difficult time doing so. Contact CS to report the seller. I’ve had a facebook page hijacked before years ago (I think by an ex), and was never able to take ownership of it again since the email address was changed. I wish you luck.


You should not be sharing any sensitive information with anyone, especially people that you have never met, and never will meet.

Comes down to common sense again.


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who’s fragglesrock? did you meet this person in a seedy part fiverr? Watchout for fiverrs wearing shirts with the name fragglesrock on them