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**BUYER BEWARE - How to rate a Seller AFTER cancelling a gig?

I’m currently working on a WP site, selected 2 Sellers with STELLAR reviews & high ratings - gave the job to one & planned on using the other as a possible back-up (if needs be). One is even is a Level 2 Seller, I had to cancel the order with the first shortly after he delivered a sub-par Mock-up & now the 2nd guy’s (whom had the 4.9 rating) gig is paused - has now missed the delivery deadline and is sending me excuses. So ridiculous after all these are CUSTOM orders and I typically give great reviews for GREAT work & professionalism - I’m being shafted.

I can’t fathom, how some have STELLER reviews and drop the ball so unprofessionally when I order their gig…lol…What is this like a bad pull on the Fiverr slotmachine…lol I LOVE fiverr, but this is becoming all too frequent, and I’d like to know how to leave (+/-) feedback AFTER a gig has been cancelled.


As far as I know you can only review a person after the order is completed. Cancelling gives you your money back, so obviously you can’t hurt the seller. I guess the best option is to talk with the seller.

You cannot leave negative feed back and get your money back… that’s not how it work.

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Maybe your order was complicated and the seller did his best but couldn’t do it, so if a buyer makes an order to me and ask me to do something I don’t offer or I can’t do and I offer cancellation , he can get his money back and give me a negative rating just because I couldn’t do what he’s asking for !!!
That’s fair to us sellers ??

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Agree with @donnovan86, @gailbunning, and @onlinedzshop.

You’re correct. It’s frustrating when you expect for work to be done and there’s a delay. But let’s take a minute to think about your complaint here: you’re receiving work from someone, and whether it’s up to your expectations or not, they’ve put time and effort into it. THEN, because you’re not happy, they provide you with a complete refund, and get paid nothing for their time and effort (while you get to keep the work they’ve already sent you). And now, on top of this, you want to leave a negative review as well? It’s hard to feel sympathetic for anyone except the Seller in this situation.


Question for you all… I have seller who has failed to complete my order and will not return my messages. How can I report this person and get my money back? Also, will I be able to leave negative feedback?



If the order is successful, there is a positive feedback and buyers happy.

If the order fails, you go back and sellers lose their time.

What was less clear.
Seller invest the time to the buyer.

Type custom order, is a type of very complicated, and I do not recommend custom order for a low price like $ 5. Or you will burn

I just take custom orders, if the money is more than $ 100

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I’ve had the same situation and I don’t agree with the people defending the seller.
I had a seller miss our agreed upon deadline by about 2 weeks because, he says, he had a religious holiday. Unless it is new religious holiday the chances are that he knew about it before he accepted my job. Why was I intentionally misled about the deadline? And why can’t I leave the feedback to tell other buyers that this seller will potentially have no regard for your deadlines.
I had used this seller before and he did a fine job for me and got the 5 stars. He should not get 1 star for having messed me up.
Oh and btw-after I accepted his reason, we agreed to get the work done a week later he emails me and says he’s had enough and can’t take it anymore and refunds my money. and you guys don’t think other people would like to know about this?


I think the way Fiverr’s refund system works is that it’s supposed to be as though the order never happened. You get your money back and can order elsewhere, and the seller loses your business. You’ve lost time, but so has your seller unless they were truly just a scammer (which does unfortunately happen).

It’s definitely not a perfect solution, and I can see why you’re frustrated! Since there are both bad buyers and bad sellers among the many great people on Fiverr though, I suppose a compromise had to be made somewhere.

Have you talked to the sellers about this? Perhaps they’ll cut you a deal or tweak what they delivered. It’s worth it for many sellers who are hoping for a return customer!


If the seller cancelled and refunded your money, there is not much you can do - you cannot rate if you agree to the cancellation (I am assuming it was a mutual cancellation) as you got your money back to use elsewhere. While I understand wanting to punish or let other potential buyers know your experience, you have to part with at least $5.50 to do so here.


Beware of sellers with 100% positive feedback. Recently, I bought a SEO gig from Fragglesrock that did not work and I posted my comments about the negative result. He responded that my comments would affect his sales and subsequently cancelled the order retrospectively without my consent even though I was happy paying him for work done. By cancelling the order, he could have the negative comments removed on Fiverr and maintain a 100% positive feedback. I think it is a form of cheating but many sellers do that on Fiverr as it is part of the legit Fiverr system.

Maybe you want a copy of the seo for $ 5.

You get what you pay for.

Portfolio such as PBN, plus bookmarks, plus bulk, plus the company blog backlink.

If you want to ask for a lot, you need a lot of money as well.

Senior explained, there are many pieces that must be purchased separately

Reply to @johnferguson352:
You can only do one of those things: Get your money back, or leave negative feedback. You cannot do both.


Reply to @edwardag: In this case, we headed to the deal.

If your money back, if you do not think the seller did not lose time to take care of you?

Reply to @seobookmarkbest: Could I ask you a direct question, unrelated to this thread, but it has been literally keeping me from thinking of other things. (Yes, I apparently have OCD.)

What does snagat mean???

Reply to @david388: The buyer doesn’t get to keep the work which wasn’t paid for. If the work wasn’t paid for the seller owns the copyrights and if the buyer uses it he may be sued by the law.


Reply to @seobookmarkbest: The seller did no work at all. none. Nothing was delivered. He asked for more time after the religious holiday, I gave it, then he waited a week, then cancelled and refunded.

Reply to @kjblynx: Thanks. I was being nice and allowed him to take longer. I think he tricked me by asking me to request changes to a “delivered” order which it seems is the only way an order can be changed(?). So I sent back a modification request (to the order that wasn’t actually delivered but which he marked delivered, so I could make a modification), then he waited another week to tell me he can’t deal with this anymore and then he refunded my money and cancelled, or vice-versa. either way there is no record of him having done nothing and wasted 3-4 weeks for me. and BTW this was not a $5.00 order.

Reply to @david388: My seller did no work. None. just bailed. wasted 3-4 weeks of my time and then refunded. No work was done. just a waste of time and I have no where to report it.

Reply to @edwardag:

If you think the seller is bad, perhaps at the side of the seller also there is a ton of bad buyers.

To resolve your problem.
You just go to another vendor