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Buyer beware names

Ok. Some people are just being nasty. Not mean, nasty.

And I think if we start this thread for nasty customers that will be helpful.

I just had a customer, who was not able to fullfill her side of the work and she agreed to cancel the gig after 2 days I was “late”. I was late because she didn’t gave me what I required. But she canceled gig, then bought same gig again and gave me a negative one. Really??

So. her name is FRAGGLESROCK Actually I know her real name too. But i don’t think it is necessary.

I wish there would be some black list of bad clients.

There’s some kind of unspoken rule against using peoples usernames in the forum. Contact Support and report them.

we don’t really have a buyer blacklist. If they get reported then if the offense is bad enough they get banned. Its just that if, for instance, someone just didn’t like you they could put you on the blacklist and make up a reason that isn’t true, but would prevent buyers, ya know? That’s just my opinion though.

Good luck on fiverr, sorry about that buyer,

Bigmish :slight_smile:

you are right. all is double sided. :frowning: