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Buyer blackmailing me with "bad reviews"

Hi, Please help me what should the solution for this …

I got a message from buyer name "fragglesrock"

Dont worry about your ratings, I will give you new order soon and will give you excellent rating. Otherwise I will write VERY NEGATIVE REVIEW AND GIVE YOU EXTREMELY BAD REVIEW SO THIS WOULD DEFINITELY EFFECT YOUR FIVERR RATING. So for you the best way is to make mutual cancellation.

He wants extras for free … I refused initially, then later I agree to give it for free … to keep my cancellation ratio low … when he decide to cancel order …

Later he is now blackmailing me that he will give me “bad reviews” if I do deliver the order …

Have any body experienced such buyers … what have you done and what did fiverr support have done…

I have contacted fiverr … when this happened something like this … also buyer also contacted … they have responded buyer in sec’s and cancelled the order without any intimation.

Help me help me…

Sheriff’s Note: Calling someone out is not allowed here.

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Reply to @phpscripts and @kjblynx: LOL I thought the same thing when I first came on the forum. I even searched fragglerock to find out who this person was. Funny!!

Wow - what a horrible situation! Have you contacted CS? Get them on board, let them know what is going on, you can copy and paste messages if need be. Hopefully they can give you advice and help you out. I’m sorry, that is really, really rough.

Accept the mutual cancellation and move on. That abuse should not be tolerated but it is better to cancel rather than risk a negative rating.


IF someone/anyone is bullying, threatening, whatever, be confident and tell them (graciously) the threats won’t work and if the threats continue, you’ll report them to Fiverr. Meanwhile make screenshots of the conversations and keep them so if the situation continues or escalates, you’ll have the ammunition you need to plead your case to Fiverr.

voiceoverwork said: IF someone/anyone is bullying, threatening, whatever, be confident and tell them (graciously) the threats won't work and if the threats continue, you'll report them to Fiverr. Meanwhile make screenshots of the conversations and keep them so if the situation continues or escalates, you'll have the ammunition you need to plead your case to Fiverr.

Not only this, but it helps to link them to Fiverr's Terms of Service here: and cite the line where Fiverr's terms clearly state and is highlighted: "Posting or sending adult, illegal, rude, abusive, improper, copyright protected, promotional, spam, violent, nonsense or any uncool stuff is strictly prohibited. Doing so will get your account blocked permanently."

This will not only help open eyes their eyes a little bit to what they're doing, but a screen shot showing you sent this to the buyer to educate them (and if they continue) will be great when it comes to reporting them to CS. I would also let them know all systems are monitored by Fiverr HQ, and this is a form of improper behavior.

I wouldn't cancel the orders like others sellers recommend - I would have definitely contact CS immediately and make them aware of the issue first. Make them a part of this from the beginning, don't tell the buyer this as they might want to cancel the order. Don't tolerate threats, but make sure you do it in the proper and professional way - by reporting them to Fiverr CS.

Kill the buyer with kindness and work things out! Many buyers know that mutual cancelations hurt sellers no matter what so they're more willing to cancel when you throw in the towel because they feel like they won by hurting your cancelation ratio .

The only way to weed these bullies out is by making Fiverr HQ aware of them. Hope that helps!


Thanks for adding more great detail.

So sorry for your difficult transaction! There seems to be a lot of odd ordering and canceling going on lately.

It’s important that we all share our challenges, so that we know we are not alone–and have more that we can communicate to Fiverr support.

Seems like sellers need some more options to push back guys like this, without their only option being to contact Customer Support. That way, CS won’t be so backed up and buyers like this will have to be more careful.

Perhaps just lose the cancellation ratio altogether? Ebay ónly has positive and negative feedback, and that system works just fine. Most decent buyers/stellers still get 100% or 99% positive feedback. Hell… I’ve got 130 transactions to my name and noone has ever given me negative feedback. Perhaps it’s just fiverrs’ system that makes this sort of abuse too attractive?


As others have said take it to Customer Support IMMEDIATELY if not sooner!

There is NO EXCUSE for crap like that!

Please keep us updated as to the status as well.

I’d put up with it. Complete the order like you offer. He leaves negative and BAM you have proof that he was planning on leaving negative anyway. It will be removed.

I don’t think it’s just me, but I’ve seen at least 4 threads talking about how this person is a terrible Fiverr user and leaves negative feedback, bullies, etc. Fiverr, is it about time to take action?

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Reply to @kjblynx: Haha, silly me! I was wondering why “fragglesrock” was getting such bad press!

I agree with all the others stating to contact CS immediately.

When buyers are allowed to do this to one, they feel entitled to do it to others.

Ok, I am reading all this because sometimes I need to cancell because the buyer made a mistake, did not read my description completely or just wants to get things for free.

I had one that paid for half the stuff and left possitive reviews so I wouldn’t get annoyed (He thinks, there is nothing I can do when they don’t pay)

But I need to know if it is better to do the work or cancel when you know the person is up to no good.

And just as a funny point, if I wanted to mess with all of you all I had to do was create a user named ‘fragglesrock’ and then point out that everyone is talking bad about me?

That would really mess everyone up.

Thanks for all the great tips guys :slight_smile: very helpful for me as a newbie :slight_smile:

What to if buyer threatening after completing the order and said i will give bad remarks and make rate down?

This is a very old post. You need to make your own post if you want help.

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