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Buyer Blocking Isn't A Feature? Why Isn't It A Feature!

I’ve been doing voice overs on Fiverr for a bit now, and I can honestly say that almost all my transactions have been positive experiences, except for one repeat customer who is a colossal thorn in my side. My Gig clearly states that VO’s have a 48 hour turn around. This buyer seems to think I’m at their beck and call. Never wants to pay extra for a rush job and is rude and abrupt. There are more issues here, but I’m keeping this brief.

The final straw. Buyer sent me an order. And then asked if they could tack on another 120 words of copy after I had accepted their initial outline of the project. To avoid the hassle of dealing with them again, I said yes that that should be fine. Got home clicked open the attachment and it was a sexually explicit script. I had never received VO copy like this from this buyer before so there was no reason to suspect that it would be something I would refuse. My gig clearly states, no sexually explicit scripts (bold, highlighted). I told the buyer that i couldn’t do the additional script because I don’t do sexually explicit scripts. I was told, “Can’t you just make an exception this one time? I told my client you would do it, because you already agreed to do it.”. Really?

At this point I’m fed up with the buyer, but from what I can tell, i don’t think I can block them because they haven’t really done anything wrong aside from be a pain in my arse. My only option is to tell them that I’m unavailable. but clearly I want to take on other gigs, so I can’t mark myself off on vacation mode. And they can also see that I have orders in my queue. If I ignore their messages, my response rating goes down. And, there is always the chance that they’ll just order again without messaging me, and then my cancellation rate increases if I refuse to service them. I know, I know, it’s part of freelancing but sheesh.

Sorry to rant. Just needed to get that off my chest. If there IS a solution, please feel free to let me know. I’ve looked through the forum for other Fiverr Sellers who’ve had the same problem and it doesn’t seem like there is a way to block a buyer, or at least not without cause (i.e. reporting them), and I’m fairly certain “causing me a lot of grief” isn’t a good enough reason. Thanks gang!

This is something lots of sellers have wanted. I let buyers know sometimes that their needs might better be served with another seller.