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Buyer bought 7 gigs in one sitting... no where to be seen



A buyer contacted me in regards to making a video for him. He gave examples and what shot’s he had and what he could supply me.

The examples were the worst excuse for video editing I had ever seen, and I wouldn’t feel comfortable copying that poor work to represent his company. So I told him that in a nice way.

I also said, if you let me do my magic I will make you a video that will surpass that and be sure to impress you. If you don’t like the completed version, ill refund you and make the copy of the bad example video for free.

He supplied me some of his own video work for me to use, it was actually quite good, he had a really high quality camera.

So I asked him if he could do more camera shots and angles for me. He said yes. So by this point he had already asked me to quote him a price for the work so I told him 7 gigs worth should cover all the work needed. I’ll supply the music, editing publishing etc.

He then bought 7 gigs, replied to one with exactly the same message we had been talking about.

I then give him a very detailed description of the camera shots I want to accomplish the video.

That was 6 days ago and it’s just about to hit my timescale deadline. Non response to any of my messages.

What to do next?


if you have already delivered the order then if the buyer didn’t reply it will automatically marked as completed. what you will not get is the feedback which is actually better than to have negative feedback


not delivered the order because he hasn’t supplied the footage I have asked for.


Reply to @wolfstarpicture: Then either you can cancel the order by contacting Customer Support or you have to wait for the buyer to respond. As you cannot deliver the order without having all instructions.

I’ll suggest you to wait, it may have bad impact to cancel 7 orders. Buyer will respond and if he does something wrong after then you may contact support and can explain all the situation. They will assist definitely.


Reply to @wolfstarpicture: If they buyer clearly wants the order I would mark it as delivered with a message saying he is in credit with you and on his return will work with him to complete the gig. Lots of sellers here use the same method, but it’s entirely up to you. If you don’t feel comfortable doing that just contact the customer support team and explain your situation




Thanks both of you

Actually Ozzie that’s awesome. I was thinking along the same lines… but I would be worried incase the buyer thought I was ripping him off. So i’ll deliver the work and advise him he’ll be incredit with me when he’s ready to proceed.

What about the other gig’s he’s purchased. He’s not replied to them so I can’t deliver work on them.


If the orders have not been activated that is he did not reply with anything, then I would send a message to Customer Support requesting cancellations, if the orders are active I would do as the above posters suggested give the buyer a credit


I suppose you could either wait, get in contact with CS, send him a couple of prompt messages in case he’s run into trouble, or offer a mutual cancellation. Maybe. Do whatever you feel you need to :smiley:


customer support sorted it all out for me, thanks guys!!