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Buyer bought a gig and changed everything!


Buyer bought a gig, and changed my requirements and is asking for something I don’t offer. Does this mean I can only resolve it though CS? How can I cancel the order without affecting my analytics and rep?


I would suggest that you contact Customer Support and ask them for advice. Since the buyer has also been rude to you and has apparently broken the Terms of Service, support your case to Customer Support with screen shots showing what the buyer has done. If it is as you describe, CS won’t put up with it.

If they determine that the buyer’s requests are still in line with your service and that no rules have been broken, they may tell you to work it out with the buyer. In that case I would suggest that you do your best and then check your gig description to be sure it is worded with terms that can help you avoid any misconceptions next time.


The full story absolutely reads like you should take this to CS. Even if they won’t help you now, you have the issue on record.

Try to get out. I wouldn’t worry about a canceled order. With only 1 review under your belt, this buyer (likely) leaving a bad one would be much more hurtful.



go to your resolve now button in that order and select your that I am not offering this.

It will not affect on your gig.



Thanks again, Btw Do you know how I can mark the question as resolved?


Thanks for the good advice, maybe next time I will have the good sense to take it, and chew on whatever the consequences - they have to be better than this,


Thanks! I didn’t know it was there, and that’s great to know!


It’s great to learn so much minute things on this forum.