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Buyer bought but same services he is selling


Yesterday a buyer bought my reporting gig when i check his profile he is selling same services… I am in concern what he want to do…because he is selling same service on fiverr without review. it happen with me before one buyer bought my gig and after delivery he put for cancellation. help me with your suggestion.


Sometimes sellers test out their competition to see what that competition is doing, that they themselves might want to improve upon. Sometimes another seller might genuinely want to see how you would deliver an order. And, yes, there are still others with unscrupulous intent. If someone placed an order, fulfill it. If you find out later on that they are doing something illegal with it, you can easily report them.


@jonbaas I am confuse… I am doing well here. little concern.


I’m not trying to be rude. I was merely pointing out that, you shouldn’t assume that because someone is selling similar services as you that they are doing anything wrong by purchasing from you. Talk to the buyer in your order thread. If they are genuine, you’ll know. If they are unscrupulous, you can always cancel the order.

Otherwise, what’s the harm in completing their order? They did pay you money for your services, didn’t they? :wink:


@jonbaas i respond him instant after that he never respond.

i will deliver my work hope for good.