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Buyer bought by mistake because he did not read description, will it effect my rate?

Hey guys!

Good day to you all and I hope you all are safe. I have a question about cancellation rate.

Basically someone bought my gig, then he said it was a mistake as he did not read the whole description and wants to cancel. I always write CONTACT ME BEFORE ORDERING in bold in my gig description, but some clients ignore this and order right away anyway just because - why not? Let’s just place an order without even an idea on what I am even going to get.

Anyway, he bought it and now wants to cancel the order. Will this screw my cancellation rate? And Is there anyway on how to NOT screw my rate because it was a mistake from the buyer not really from the seller side.

Thank you and good day all!

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Hey contact customer support to cancel this order, but they can’t say if your cancellation rate will be affected, it’s actually russian roulette when it comes to cancelling order by CS.

Thanks for responding! I already contacted them but they did not respond (I know its a very budy time at the moment and they can take a while) but I have the cancellation request pending. Should I not accept his (the buyer) request for cancellation? Thanks.

Yes don’t accept that and wait for CS, because when CS cancel order you have chance that it will not affect your cancellation rate. When you cancel it through buyer dispute it will always affect cancellation rate.

Thank you again Michal!

Support got back to me and canceled the order - however they told me that they don’t know if it will effect my cancellation rate or not since it is an automated system. I told them that it’s kind of frustrating that many sellers like me try to do their best in order to keep a great cancellation rate and then a buyer just comes without reading the description, makes and order and instantly wants to cancel because he did not read the description properly. Well, nothing you can really do I guess for now.

Thanks again and have a great day!

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