Buyer Bought Gig but no shipping fee was paid help


please help, buyer placed an order but was not prompted to pay the shipping fee. How can we modify the order so that he pays me the shipping. - See more at:


When you create a gig, there is a section at the bottom of the page where you select “I charge shipping fees”. Then you make selections from drop-down menus about where you ship & how much it costs.

As long as you’ve filled out those fields about shipping when you create the gig, your customer will see an information box about shipping when he or she places an order. Be sure to mention that you charge shipping fees & that you’ll need the mailing address when you write up the gig’s requirements, which the customers also see when they place orders.

Getting the shipping fee and the mailing address are both requirements of you being able to do the gig for the customer, so if they forget one or the other, write them immediately and explain this to them.