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Buyer bought my gigs but claims he did not buy it at all

Hi Guys,

I seek your guys experiences. I have a writing gig, and a particular buyer purchased it 3 times (a few hours a part from each other). After he ordered it, he sent me a message that he did not buy it at all and ask me to cancel all the orders. For some reason I feel like its a prank or something, because when he send me the order requirements, he straight away said that he didn’t purchase it at all for all three. I mean, how can you “mistakenly” ordered the same thing 3 times, a few hours apart from each other?

Plus he said "Hey, there must be some mistake. It is saying I ordered this from you 5 times, I didn’t mean to order at all."

Another message came in approximately 20 mins after that, saying, "Actually 3 times, not 5"

Could you guys advice me if I should approach the support or just cancel the all the orders? It will certainly affect my cancellation rate. :confused:

Hope to hear from you guys soon!



if the buyer wants to cancel the order, it does not make since to complete something for someone who does not want it. Why do you care so much about your cancellation rate?? Maybe just complete the orders for him that he does not want…

What I would do is writing a ticket on Customer Support site asking to investigate this particular behaviour.

That said, the orders will be cancelled anyway (either from CS or using a mutual cancellation), so let CS investigate but don’t fight for those orders or you could end with a negative feedback which is going to hurt you much more than some cancellation…

Thanks @mark74 for the experienced and professional advice. I’ve sent a ticket to customer support earlier and hope to hear some news soon. I was seeking for advices on what I should do, and I’ve mentioned the cancellation rate because it is something I want to improve on, but not something that important actually. Thanks once again! Really appreciate it! :slight_smile:

In no way am I “caring SO MUCH about my cancellation rate” as you’ve assumed @customrapsongs it was just something that I want to improve on.