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Buyer breaking rules

If any buyer break his rules what will we do then? For example instead of $20 he/she paid me only $10.


The buyer didn’t break any rules. The only way the buyer could have paid only $10 is if you offered him a custom order for that price. The buyer does not get to choose how much he wants to pay, unless you present him with options. He either purchases one of your listed packages at the price you’ve set (the system doesn’t allow him to pay anything else for that package), or he accepts a custom offer that YOU send him. If you required him to pay $20, why didn’t you send him a $20 custom offer?


Or if the buyer purchased the $10 package and demanded work that is covered by the $20 package.


Then it is up to the seller to do one of two things:

  1. Make a gig extra offer.
  2. If the buyer refuses to accept the gig extra, then the seller can cancel the order.

True, the seller’s stats may take a hit. However, I have found that when I contact CS, explain the situation and ask them to cancel the order, and there is not a noticeable change to my stats.

Of course, CS always says they can not guarantee there will be no effect on you as a seller. That is why I say there is not a noticeable change. :roll_eyes:


In that case, regardless of what he demands, the seller should either only provide what the seller ordered, or cancel the order.

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Many buyers don’t really know how this website works…
Just send an additional offer with the real price (you can use as Resolution Center, as just send an extra).
I have a customer… She’s a lawyer… She orders a lot… But she always buys my $50 gig, and I need to send her an additional offer depending on the number of files and words she sent.


Yes that’s how they are.

Thanks for your advice.

Thanks for your valuable advice.