Buyer bullying me and asking for payment outside Fiverr's platform, Customer Service ignores me



I wanted to share with you something absurd.

A buyer sent me ten songs to master, I delivered and he asks for a revision, saying “did you get the last five songs? I’m confused”. He’s pushing for more, needless to say that I’ve never heard or seen these extra five songs. He always mentioned ten, like… six times.

For some reason, he marks the gig as completed.

He then proceeds to bully me in private saying that five songs were missing, and to apologize for my mistake I should send him an external payment outside Fiverr ASAP. He’s very angry and writes to me constant, short messages.

I contacted customer service and they said that “Maybe the buyer is trying to ask you for a custom quote and English isn’t his primary language?”.

Keep in mind, the whole conversation is screenshotted and well… I wasn’t born yesterday and sadly this isn’t the first time I’m bullied on Fiverr. But I’ve never seen something like this.

My question is: how do I ban this user / stop him from contacting me?



If you don’t want that user to contact you anymore, flag his message and block him and that’s that.
Note the small flag with the text ‘Report’ under his message. Remember to answer him before taking this action, otherwise your response rate may drop down.
Still, I hope you can have a more peaceful solution with the buyer as conflicts are not good for the business.


At least yours is approving order as completed.
I had a “never happy costumer” today that kept asking for modification - even when i explained its my day off. He did it 3 times in a row until I figured I better take a cancellation and give up those 26$ then have to deal with him again.


Did you try pointing out (with a screenshot maybe) that you provided a quote for only ten songs and he happily agreed? It’s not clear from your post why does he think five songs are missing.

Instead of blocking, I would suggest you to resolve his confusion and offer him a discount or priority delivery for those five songs. Better to make some money out of it instead of losing the client forever.


Resend all ten songs to him. Put at the top of each one:



Then if he continues to send these messages just ignore him. I’m sorry you had to deal with this.


It would be so fun to send a copy of this answer to your buyer with apologies because you didn’t understand his request + send him a custom offer for 5 additonal songs :wink:


Gosh, Mark!

This sounds like a nightmare. If you’ve delivered 10 separate mp3/wav files – surely he can count. There’s one thing that I wouldn’t tolerate on this platform or elsewhere is bullying.

This part is complete and utter nonsense. He’s looking for compensation from you?! Unreal! :woman_facepalming:t4: In fact, that’s against Fiverr’s ToS, I’d zone in on that statement in a screenie to show CS he broke the terms.


Some buyers will try anything for free work.

I just had someone send me a screenshot of an expensive offer I had sent them 6 weeks ago which they ignored at the time.
They just now asked if I did the extra work that was on that order.

I had to send them a screenshot of the offer they DID accept which was less than one third of the expensive offer they rejected.

I don’t believe they are that confused and don’t know how much they paid or what was included, six weeks later. The screenshot they sent me of the expensive order was cut off just above the word EXPIRED.


Good for you, that Buyer tried to pull fast one. I always keep an eye on my order/comms history with Buyers, when they contact me.


You guys are awesome, you know that, right?