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Buyer buys 10 basic gigs, how many extra-gigs should they purchase?

Hi guys

This is something that I’ve not figured out myself and I was wondering how you guys have dealt with this?

Do you state to your buyers that when you purchase a basic gig (for example x10), then they would need to purchase x10 of that extra-gig they want?

Would love to hear how other sellers work this out :slight_smile:


i already have this problem, recently a buyer purchase 5 basic gig and now she need to purchase extra gig…i am wondering how i deal with this…?

I am just a buyer not sure if this helps, but when my work needed extras the seller sent me a link to pay for the extra gig like more editing or to do TOC for kindle book etc, so I just clicked the link and bought the extra gig but it did cost the transaction fee. So I guess you have to send them an offer or they have to buy an extra one themselves.

On existing orders, you have extras now. So you can send offers from the order page and they’re added to the same order.
Also works for custom orders.
If this is about paying before ordering then just send a custom order or they can add extras or change quantity based on the amount.