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Buyer buys a gig, but just says Hello and nothing ever again?

I had a buyer to buy my gig for basic tutoring of various subjects. In the seller directions email she wrote hello, I have sent her messages to please let me know what basic she wants to know as I have instructed in the gig, right after they purchase. She has never replied to any of my messages. Has anyone had that to occur and how to handle it? I guese a mutual cancellation, but what if she doesn’t reply period, then it could not be mutual? I’m not sure what to make of this, but I know it will mess up my score :frowning:


I am going to do that and still at this point, she has never responded at all to my communication. Thank you

maybe it was a tip :stuck_out_tongue:

I had this happen recently so I just put in a mutual cancellation. The cancellation takes effect after 2 days if they don’t reply at all and it won’t hurt your ratings.

I did. Thank you everyone for your responses :slight_smile:

Why you guys deliver blank copy attached written “Brief is required kindly contact me”. So If buyer does not contact the order will be completed automatically within 3 days and you will get paid.

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