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Buyer buys a gig without sending the file to work on


A buyer ordered a gig without sending me the file to work on. I sent her 2 messages : one in the order, a second one by Inbox and I have no answer. So I can’t deliver the gig. What can I do ?

Thank you

Has the order watch started the countdown, or have you set “buyer instructions”? If your watch hasn’t begun, just have patience. Give the seller a day or two, as your order won’t be marked as late.

If the countdown has started, and a few hours have passed without getting the required info, send a mutual cancellation request to the buyer, saying to please cancel or send info (but in a polite way, of course).

Yes the countdown started. It remains 4 hours… I was hoping that she will answer before…

Then, send a mutual cancellation as soon as possible. If you’re late and the buyer cancels, you’ll get an automatic negative rating.

Also, from now on, I advice you to edit your gigs, fill the “buyer instructions” box and unmark “optional for the buyer”. That way, your watch won’t start until the buyer sends you the required info.
I discovered that when I had the same problem as you with a buyer :slight_smile:

Thank you for your help ! I sent a mutual cancellation.
The buyer did sent the text comments, but did not send the file to work on (for a file conversion job I need the file to convert :slight_smile: ).