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Buyer buys another gig, in the hope I'll react faster to a revision of an other gig!

Soo this happen a while ago… a customer bought a snapchatfilter from me. After delivering, she wanted me to do a revision. Ofcourse this is no problem, so I changed it. After this she wanted me to altered one more thing. But apparently I didn’t answered fast enough ( a few hours later I did though), so she ordered another gig, with the only purpose for me to react faster to her request! (wich ofcourse it didn’t because I was away at that moment) :face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow:

When I came back, she wanted me to cancel the newly ordered gig and also alter the filter. I altered the filter ----> AND she gave me a bad review…
Finaly I canceled the new gig, through fiverr’s CS, but they couldn’t do anything about the bad review. Also when I asked if there would be some concequenses for the buyer or someway other sellers would be protected from her, they said they couldn’t say anything about that. (ordering a gig just to speed things up seems and not caring about a sellers cancelation ratings etc. is a bit questionable)

I mean… shouldn’t there be a way to protect sellers from ‘bad’ buyers? I understand that the protection should first go to the seller’s, but still.:blush:

Or is this just me? And has somebody here ever had an experience like this?


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I am not the best person to answer this as I am only 6 days old here. Some people are like that only, most buyers that give long and great reviews are the ones who want to maintain a relationship with the seller.

This buyer that you are talking about may be new to marketplaces like Fiverr and all humans go through ups and downs in personal and professional lives, so she may just be feeling misanthropist at that point of time. Who knows?

I wish I don’t have such an experience ever here. I am feeling so sorry for you, but you have 99 reviews and most of them are 5 star, so I don’t think that you should worry about it much.