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Buyer By mistak give 4.7 want to change to 5 star

i have a problem that my buyer gives me 4.7 stars in a hurry he doesn’t know that he.
he thought he had clicked the 5th star

see the image he also want to give me a full star

Now, please suggest me what to do ???

Well you cannot do something I guess, also you shouldn’t ask the buyer for a 5 star review, it’s not right.

but what if he also want to change to 5 star ??

@renelisabreur, your advice is incorrect. I would appreciate it if you don’t hand out wrong information, There are lots of people reading these threads.

@sanket17, go to your order/transaction page, the upper right hand side, there is a blue “resolve now” button (under your and buyer icon). You can request a one time revision.

Make sure your buyer is online & receptive to this.

Good luck, Gina


@gina_riley2 What is incorrect about it?

Also, very important

Make sure he does NOT review from smartphone but only from computer or tablet.

There is a bug that turns 5 stars to 4.7 on smartphones. That’s probably what happened.


thanks @gina_riley2 you just solve my problem :smile:


Because, @renelisabreur, he can do something and he didn’t ask for 5 stars, he asked if the buyer meant to give him 4.7.

The buyer said that he wants to modify it because the 4.7 is a mistake.

Please stop acting like sellers are powerless and buyers are cruel. Sellers have lots of power and most buyers are reasonable & nice.


@gina_riley2 What made you think I’m acting that way? please read carefully, I clearly wrote “I guess” because from what I understand the buyer is the only one who can change the review.

When this happens due to the bug on the app, I usually talk to customer support about it and insist they allow it to be changed, and show a screenshot of the conversation about it.

Sometimes they will allow it to be changed if I am persistent with them.

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So even if u gave them proof and u just told them once they won’t change it??

I usually tell them it is a bug so it should be removed by customer support instead of the resolution center or whatever that is and sometimes they remove it and sometimes they don’t.

I always give them a screenshot of the conversation with the buyer.

Am just getting confused…Fiverr will want you to follow their rules now a law abiding seller ask for something even giving them proof they still do not deem it fit to answer that request:face_with_raised_eyebrow: not cool at all

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This is a forum. The community is there to help him/her. Saying you “guess” doesn’t help because you are unsure and not experienced with this sort of problem. So it’s the best if you not reply threads such as this and let a person who knows about the situation handle it. Like Gina said;

How did he ask the buyer for a 5 Star review? When you provide an exceptional service, the buyer usually tells beforehand something like “Your service was great”. So he may have gotten a message like that and yet gotten a 4.7 star review

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