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Buyer bymistake gave 1 star review want to change the review to 5 star but cannot change

So this buyer bought my service.
Was very happy with the service. Please check the attached images for all the proofs.
The buyer gave review as " Awesome Job. Great work. Would Recommend this service. "
But the buyer gave 1 star by mistake. Technical error.

I contacted the buyer by asking" Sir you gave 1 star review. Are you not happy with the service"
So for that the buyer replied " I am sorry I meant to give the best rating…how can I correct it…I have contacted the support to fix it. "
The buyer further went ahead and contacted the support saying " I want to fix this error "
It was done by mistake.

But the support team said that sorry we cannot edit/remove the feedback.

I work so hard in fiverr. From last 2-3 yrs I didn’t get single negative review And I have completed working on 633 orders. And this is what I get in return ?
1 negative review because of the technical glitch ?
And fiverr support is not able to solve the problem ?
Even when the buyer went out of the way to contact the support still the review is not edited or removed.

Guys please help me. Please forward this case to the right team. The support staff is not at all helpful.

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This is forum. We’re sellers and buyers, not Fiverr employees.


don’t paste without hiding name and some other secrets of your orders on forum…


As your buyer says he submitted a request to fix it. he can only fix it with contacting CS…

You may get a warning for contacting your buyer regarding a negative review. Please check the TOS. You really can’t do anything about it, only your buyer can contact CS and ask for the revision due to technical reasons.

Also, as @catwriter said, we are just users like you in this forum, not Fiverr representatives. Only CS can help you with that.

Good luck!


Why do you fuss about it so much?

You have impeccable 5-Star overall rating. In the rating your client clearly says “Awesome job. Great work. Would recommend this service.” Why would you risk your profile like that, by asking your client to change the review, for a lousy rating?

You will clearly NOT be affected by that 1 star. Just move on, deliver excellence and you will bury it with other 5 stars.

We don’t have to be 100% perfect you know?

No, you get money in return. Focus on what matters and don’t stumble on 1 star review out of 633. You sound like a millionaire complaining about the size of their wallet. :grinning:

Time for this gif again:

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I didn’t ask the buyer to change the review.
I just asked "Sir were you not happy with the service? "I asked because the review clearly shows it was by mistake. If there was something wrong in the delivery file I will do the changes.
The buyer himself said that it was done by mistake and he would contact the CS.
But still the support team is not able to help us.

I know it would hardly matter 1 negative rating out of so many positive ratings.
But why did I get that negative rating in the first place? The support team should be able to solve it.

Seemed to be a tech mistake - I’ve gotten it a few times and it infuriates me but there’s nothing we can do about it. Fiverr Support will probably just tell you you’re manipulating the buyer’s review and issue a warning to you.
Just move on - your feedback says it all.


Thank you for understanding.
I don’t know why others are commenting as if I am doing something wrong.
When such thing will happen to them then I will see whether they ignore it or reach out for support!

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They’re not pointing fingers at you. We just don’t really have the power to do anything about your review.
And don’t worry, you will be fine. Actually when I got a recent negative review I began getting MORE orders AFTER I got a negative review - if EVERY single review you have is 5-stars people get suspicious.

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Contact the fiverr support team

You have dfiferent set of problems. I have different set of problems in this fiverr journey.
Don’t compare it. If still you don’t understand then it’s seriously pointless replying to you.

I didn’t even tag you. Why are you wasting your time in commenting so much and talking some random thing which is not helpful to either of us.

In real-life, sure. On Fiverr, no. We face the same challenges, adversities, the same CS, the same rules, the same hurdles as anyone else here. I replied to your topic, nothing off-topic about what I said. And I did it because I personally don’t like drama queens that come to complain about having to endure the horror of seeing 99,86% positive rating instead of 100%.

Nothing wrong about saying “Hey, this happened to me, I hope things change”. But things like…

for this seems a bit overreaction. But hey, maybe it’s just me. :+1:

I’ll leave you to your complaining since the advice of moving on and make money it’s not something good.

I agree with the advice you are getting from most. Move on and focus on what matters.

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I have seen someone(may be the buyer) tweeted about the same problem on tweeter. He mailed asking help from Fiverr to make the correction. Fiverr replied him that since his action did not violate any terms and conditions so they are unable to do anything. :confused::confused: