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Buyer called me 'bullsh** idiot'


Yesterday I had pretty unusual experience. I’m on my way to level 2 seller. 40 sells within first month - a lot of things going on my head. All of my clients were lovely to me. I’m always try to do my best, respond really fast and deliver them best possible quality.

Anyway, yesterday I have first very impolite ‘client’. He sent me a message - ‘I want you to do some video editing for me and provide sample before order’. I told him - ‘Sure, I would love to help you. I will provide you your sample as fast as possible’.

After few hours he text me back ‘Is it done?’, I told him that I need more time. He was like ‘Oh, okay’. After next few hours he text me again ‘Done??’. I told him once again - I need more time. Guess what, few hours later - again ‘Done???’.

I explained him that I have a lot of active ORDERS and a lot of revision to do. People who are already my clients are my priority, and I can’t ignore them to get new client. I told him that I will provide him his sample tommorrow, making it priority (because back then it was 10 P.M). He told me ‘Ok, take your time, and don’t waste main’.

I noticed that he start being a little unkind. I suggest him to maybe look for another video editor, who can provide really quick service, if he don’t want to wait until tommorow. He wanted to have his sample within 24 hours, which is extremly fast in my nieche.

After that he called me ‘Bullsh** idiot’ and told that he report me on fiverr :smiley: I was like, oh okay - "That it’s strongly impolite from you sir. Sorry to hear that. I don’t trick you - we don’t succed to make any order. I just told you that I will provide you your sample as fast as possible.
Hope you will find someone who will take care about your project. Take care :slight_smile: "

We don’t even have an active order. 100% of my clients are satisfied with result of my job - I provide great quality and fast delivery, but this guy was not even ‘client’. What you think about that situation? Feel free to share your thoughts :wink:


Well done on staying professional and not rising to this poor behaviour!

Please contact CS - no need to send screenshots, just direct them to your conversation - good luck!


Oh, just ignore him.

If he wants a sample, he should wait or perhaps he should pay for one, you will reduce the value of the sample order on the actual order if its done…


I am sorry tho hear. Please be careful with providing free samples. Some clients take advantage of it.

I would also report this bad user behaviour. In my 2 years I had one client who totally lost it. He requested a refund for an already delivered gig. He claimed that he ordered the wrong gig. I declined since the work was already delivered and pointed to my gig description. He totally flipped out on me and called me all kind of names and CS immediately shut down his account.

Don’t take it personal, some people are just weird!


Indeed they are! :slight_smile: :heart:


And some people thinks the WORLD owes them… :rolling_eyes:


Can those two words even be used in the same line? What I do when someone asks for a sample is, I send them a sample of my previously delivered orders but not one that he/she wants. If they need any other sample they need to place an order then the samples will be provided before the final delivery. I don’t have any less than 24hrs delivery gig so asking for a delivery in 4hrs is big no to me.


horrible client.:expressionless:


You’re going to run across terrible clients at some point, but for the future, just to protect yourself, don’t ever provide a free sample of a new clients work. That’s what gig galleries and portfolios are for. If a client really wants to test you out, you can advise them to place a small order with you for $5. That way, they’re in the system, you’ve been paid for your time and if any problems arise, you can screenshot and direct the conversation to CS.


Thank you guys for suggestions :wink:


Daaaaang, what an @$$ hole!!!
I’m so sorry you had to deal with this idiot.
You stayed polite and professional, you did the right thing.

Just delete this guy from your brain and move on, I’m sure you have plenty of better things to do
than dealing with this sad lonely grumpy pathetic individual. ( well I assume he is!!!)

get yourself a nice up of tea, and good luck with your other orders.
have a nice day please. :slight_smile:


Agree, unacceptable buyers approach and behavior, based on no grounds.


I don’t know, sweetie. You seem to have a terrible aversion to strong language, so surely you can see the seller’s point of view here?


Firstly, well done on your professional approach, and on working out that the buyer was not someone you wanted to work for.

Secondly, I would suggest never sending a sample that is specific to a buyer request, or have a sample gig so that you can schedule the work, and if they want it in 24 hours, make them pay for a fast extra. Alternatively have a couple of samples of your work that aren’t specific to individual requests that you can quickly send people if they ask.


You can always report them.


I would have told him I am not able to help him and I hope he finds another seller after this point.

You can see from this he is going to be trouble.

He is disturbed and it has nothing to do with you at all. It is a problem in his own mind.

I am so sorry this happened to you. Sometimes we run into people with serious problems.
Try not to take it personally.


I agree. I’m still a newbie, but I’ve already figured out that if it starts bad, it ends bad. My only 4 star review came from a guy I wanted to cancel from our first commumication, and probably should have, but didn’t.


It’s even more fun when they buy a gig from you anyway. The cheapest one. Then run you ragged over multiple revision.

Much joy. Such happiness. Many metrics pooed on.


I offered refunds for every gig a buyer bought once-- all expensive-- when the buyer was sending multiple demanding messages for weeks both before, during, and after the orders. The buyer refused but got the message.