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Buyer called me fake and lazy for not accepting his order xD

Ah, it’s one of those days, time to come visit The Ranting Pot :smiley: Coming here is like the freelance equivalent of chitchatting with your colleagues by the coffee machine, complaining about that rude customer you just had on the phone.

So this new buyer messaged me to check if I was available. I offer translations and asked him to send his text so that I could check out the scope of it and send a custom offer. He proceeded to place a standard $5 order without sending the text first.

The text was not text at all, but two poor photos of official legal papers. Had he sent them to me first, I would have kindly informed him that even though the word count is relatively low the nature of the project is way more than a $5 order as it requires transcribing the text, fixing the formatting, etc. Had he sent them first we could certainly have discussed it, but I can’t do it for $5.

On top of that, it’s a great week and I receive more work than I can handle, so projects like these that are easily cause for frustrations are the ones I generally turn down.

Now, because he ordered without asking and I’m fully booked anyway, I opened a dispute to cancel and kindly informed him why I can’t take on this task. He declined my request and responded with the following:

“this is unacceptable , if you don’t work with scanned copies you should put it in your advertisement. You not a translator if you can’t work with pdf. I would like to be able to leave a review for this fake translator that is lazy and unreliable.Your are lazy and incompetent Your a translator that cant work with pdf file. Your a fraud and should stop and find a profession your suitable for. your to lazy to type in 170 words and translate them . To cheap to get OCR software, it free on the internet. Your undependable and should do something that requires less work. It seems like your afraid of work.”

Ehm, excuse me? Being lazy and a fraud is the opposite of what I stand for on Fiverr which is why I have been able to work here for so many years with all 5 star reviews, and why I can afford to turn down complicated tasks like his that are outside the scope of only translating in the first place.

And he responded differently perhaps we could have found a different solution. We could have extended the deadline and added some money. We could have had a friendly and professional relationship. But as soon as he threatened with a bad review I just wanted to cancel even more.

I do have a question in all this: what happens next? He declined the request, so what now? What happens if I do nothing? Will it be automatically cancelled anyway, or will I be penalized if I don’t deliver on time? Will he ever be able to leave that bad review he longs for?

How can I make this go away without affecting my account?

Thanks for letting me rant about this :smiley:


If he’s declined the request the order carries on as normal and it could go late unless delivered by the specified time or cancelled. If you still want to cancel you could either create another dispute and request cancellation or contact CS and request they cancel it. Also if the buyer has said something against the terms of service, CS are more likely to cancel it I think.

You could add something to the gig description if legal texts (or other complex texts) cost more or maybe mention you need it in a particular format (not scanned pages - or specify the extra cost for scanned pages).

edit: it might be against the TOS that says “Rude, abusive, improper language…will not be tolerated”.
or the bit that says “Communication on Fiverr should be friendly, constructive, and professional. Fiverr condemns bullying, harassment…”

edit2: If contacting CS to cancel it you could ask if they could do so without it affecting your stats.


Just reply with "Thank you for your feedback. I am constantly striving to improve my service and your critique will be duly noted. Have a great day."

It drives them bananas.

Other than that, don’t worry. This is not someone who would have been pleasant to work with. You have had a lucky escape.


The buyer refused the cancellation request so the order is still active. So it will need another dispute/CS to cancel it for it to be cancelled.


Not really. No one is ever under any obligation to work with anyone. I’d just go to CS and cite feeling fear an alarm over this buyers bullying tone. Under no circumstances would I work with them.


Sending the buyer another order cancellation request is an option. However, I wouldn’t bother sending him another order cancellation request as I believe it wouldn’t help in your case.

If I were you, I’d contact Fiverr’s Customer Support ASAP and ask them to cancel the order.

I’d also attach to the support ticket screenshots of his messages where he calls you incompetent, fake, and lazy.You could then ask them, as @uk1000 mentioned, if they could cancel the order for you without it affecting your stats (don’t count on it, though).

Good luck! :sunny:


Happy update :smiley: I contacted Fiverr support and within the hour the order was cancelled by them. They said that they had read our conversation and was happy to cancel it for me, and even made sure that it wouldn’t affect my stats. Thumbs up to the fast and personal support :smiley:

Also, I feel the need to clarify: Of course I take on legal documents and I see no need for a disclaimer anywhere. The issue here was first the format (blurred mobile images of documents complete with stamps and signatures), second the way he handled the rejection. I agree, this would not have been a pleasant person to work with and I’m glad it’s now in the past :slight_smile:


That’s exactly how I handle rude and abusive customers. I’ve had people like that place inappropriate orders and then say all sorts of abusive comments towards me for not doing the work. So, all I do is tell them I do not tolerate rude, abusive behavior or bullying from anyone. That’s all I say. Then I report it to Fiverr. Never act like their behavior is ok. Someone on here said to tell them “I’m always striving to improve…” no. Do not say that. CALL them OUT on their awful, immature, ridiculous behavior and report them. Get them off Fiverr. Job well done!


I recently got back a “not a great day to you” to some equally polite and friendly message to a rude customer (getting insulting about the price I quoted for a “need it in 2-3 hours” job, for the exact price my gig states for 24-hour jobs …, “Top Buyer” , by the way), some worse stuff too, after which I sent a final very polite and friendly message before blocking him. I also didn’t feel upset or distressed or anything as probably intended by his messages but somewhat sorry for him (and our society in general) for needing to behave like that, as a guy apparently in his 50s or so, a pity that he couldn’t know that. :wink:

My gig description does say that the stated price applies to Word files and to contact me for other file types,. Like anything else your gig tells people though, it helps with some, not with others, the amount of people complaining about something that’s clear from looking at the gig, or doing basic maths or using a calculator, is high.
I’d still add something the like to your gig description if you don’t have already, so you can point at that, both when you get such people, or for support in case it gets to that.

I’d definitely try to get support to cancel something like that instead of canceling myself, for the chance of it not reflecting on the order completion rating.


Then why didn’t the buyer get it?

Now that the order is cancelled, I hope you blocked them, so they can’t order from you again.


This ties into another recent post of mine where I mention a certain type of person who very much enjoys berating, criticizing and abusing someone they have hired.

I agree with cyaxrex that an extremely polite unemotional response thanking them is the opposite of what they want, which is to make you angry and lash out at them to start a battle. Don’t fall for that trap.

A normal person does not talk abusively to another person.


And I had similar situation just recently actually. (I guess we all did)

Buyer placed an order for an urgent job and didn’t fill the requirements so I sent them a reminder after some time.
After like almost a day later on I got an “order started” message and instead of requirements I got an angry and not a professional message with “I already submitted my requirements my are you asking me again, I actually expected to receive my order today, where is it?”

So I had to politely explain how the system works and that it’s all tracked in the system and probably fiverr just didn’t process her request (we will never blame in it the client itself, right? :smirk:)

And got another angry message that I must be tricking them and the system to just charge more money and not to do my job.

Poof, so after this I’m done, I’m still ok with explaining and helping as much as I can if the person frustrated with how fiverr works or their mistake but I will never take a personal insult especially after clear explanation and no will to help a client in this situation.
Story short, contacted CS and asked to cancel the order because the buyer was abusive and the requirements wasn’t processed in time for me to complete the job, they canceled it right away with no questions.

no matter what we all have to stay professional including clients.


I am shocked at this unreasonable attitude of the client. They want work quickly then provide details again when asked… what’s the big deal? Instead use insults to dominate on seller…

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