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Buyer calls me a scammer, demands refund because they don't understand how mail works

An international buyer requested a custom order for a gig that required shipping. I complied, even included a small discount to make things easier on them, and I posted a tracking number with order delivery. Eight days later, this happened.


The buyer didn’t respond for more than a week. I thought that was the end of it until I received a hostile review that confirmed they never bothered to check the tracking number. Keep in mind that even back when I sent my last message, the tracking number had shown that the package had been outside my country for days.


In the midst of all this, Fiverr support is telling me that I don’t have a case to remove the review and that I should work it out with the buyer. So I contacted them again.


This isn’t all of the messages I’ve received. The buyer has been consistently rude in our month of contact. Between this, the sudden gig deletions, and an abrupt demotion after years of working as a Level 2 seller, I’m this close to quitting the site for good.


Sorry to hear the situation . CS cant able to remove the review. Only Buyer are able to change the review.

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Did you use expedited shipping or the common mwananchi tracking?

Edit… Now that I look at the screenshot, I am confused. Did the package arrive to the buyer ?

Common / USPS First Class International with tracking. The package has not yet arrived at its destination, but the initial mailing date matches up with my gig delivery date and the tracking number shows that the package has cleared United States customs. The USPS website gives an estimated 1-3 month delivery time for the buyer’s country. I mailed it less than a month ago.

And about when the buyer says “they said the contents were prohibited”? Does it mean customs called him or her and gave that information.

I’m honestly not sure. The buyer has been very unclear as to what that means, and the item shipped was not listed under any international restrictions for either of our countries. I’m not going to assume they’re lying because I’ve been on the receiving end of some unusual customs claims before, but the circumstances leave me feeling very suspicious.

EDIT: Misread your question, sorry. The buyer claims they called their post office for this information

Could you inbox me the tracking number, I would like to check the tracking details

I’m not sure if I’m allowed to do that, unfortunately.

@fonthaunt can the tracking number be shared so as to check progress of the package or is it against TOS?

I thought it was common that packages take up to a month to be delivered from one part of the world to another unless you pay for expedited shipping. I waited around three weeks for my package to come from South Korea.

Also, is this about your gig for the knick knacks? I love it!

Maybe you can send the tracking number to CS? They could look into it if you can’t work it out with the buyer. Though I’m not sure they’d want to get too involved.

With all due respect, I’m not comfortable giving the number to anyone outside Fiverr customer support for the sake of both the buyer’s privacy and my own.

The buyer mentioned that it was a prohibited item - can you please give us some idea of what it was you shipped?

I think that will also be a breach of privacy. In the end, no one will know who of the two is telling the truth. Does fiverr even cover gigs that require shipping ?


It was a piece of boxed, collectible dishware from Japan. Nothing of the sort is listed as a forbidden import in the buyer’s country, so I’m very confused by his message.

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The USPS website said to expect 1-3 months for delivery to this particular country, and it hasn’t even been a month since I mailed it out. I’ve told the buyer this many times, but it seems to be falling on deaf ears. And thank you! I’m waiting on another response from CS at the moment, though I’m not exactly feeling optimistic about it…

This is an unusual issue - only CS can answer.

My two cents on this is to refund him and be done with it.

Why? The review will stay, and there’s no guarantee that a buyer who has been rude for a month would stop messaging OP.


I would want to put it behind me and never have him message me again. I would block him. I haven’t done this myself and have not been in this situation and never advise this ordinarily but this has been going on a long time.

Also he says it was not delivered so he should get a refund if that is the case. If there is proof it was delivered then I would not be saying this. Then I would not give a refund.

It’s still in transit. International shipping is sometimes surprisingly fast, but sometimes takes forever.