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Buyer calls my work TOTAL CRAP!

After completing more than 3400 orders and earning 5-star reviews on almost all of my work (excluding reviews from other sources), my web design work is being called total crap without being given any explanation whatsoever.

Before I even begin my rant, I would say that the buyer who insulted my work ironically has zero design and UX knowledge.

So this buyer sends me some cheap-looking banner overloaded with gradient effects and some YouTube videos, created with those robotic voice-overs and blurry graphics and wants me to design a video marketing agency website around it.

It just even messes up your design layout when the buyer asks you to use his low-quality graphics in the design while you know it will make the design look awful.

But then, I still went ahead and used the material somehow and when the initial design was sent to the buyer for a feedback, they straight away called my work crap.

I apologized and asked which part of my work they didn’t like, but they give me no reason and asked me to refund the money.

After spending years in college to learn what you do now and all the time being spent on learning the inside out of my field of work, it feels terrible to hear such things especially from the people who have zero knowledge in the field.


Honestly, the odd time buyers give me inadequate tools to work with and don’t replace them when I explain why they are insufficient, I don’t start the work and cancel the order. It’s not worth the hassle and you don’t want that in your live portfolio. Clients who don’t give you what you need are nothing but trouble.


I agree, you could have explained the graphics were too blurry/low res or whatever and if they have others or you could maybe have asked if you can use others that you create/supply instead.

In this case you could ask if they want you to change the graphics to better ones maybe if that will help the site design.


From someone who supplies you with shoddy images and does poor quality videos?
You should take the insult as a compliment.


This buyer was really polite and respectful since the beginning.
It was only when the order requirements came through, I knew that the buyer would be nothing but trouble.
I mostly try to avoid cancellations as we all know what that means to our account and rankings.

This buyer kept praising his provided material as excellent and I’m pretty sure he would have not agreed to listen to my suggestions so I simply went with the material I was provided with and tried to improve the overall design.
But then again this is what I get in return.


This definitely makes me feel better.
I’ll surely be careful from next time onwards.
Thank you so much.


Just because the buyer wrote politely to you that doesn’t mean they were being polite. Asking you to do something without giving you the proper tools to do that is the opposite of polite.

People are always nice when they want to convince you to do something that will inconvenience and stress you and cause unnecessary work.


Honestly, with someone like this I would tell it pretty straight. If they give you a negative review then so be it, you have enough reviews to take a few negatives.
“Sorry to hear you aren’t happy with the website but I take exception to someone insulting my work in this way. The design is good and includes everything as specified in the gig description; it is responsive and includes all the elements you requested. I think the appearance would be improved with better images but those are what you supplied so the only thing I can do for that is that if you would like to change those images I will do so for $XX extra.
Best wishes”


There was no point in explaining them as the very same buyer kept praising these low-quality graphics and videos as excellent material and kept telling me that I must include them in the design even though they would be the number one reason to kill their conversions and user experience.

The buyer was manipulating you, not being nice.


This is something I’ll surely keep in mind working with buyers like these in future.

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I guess i could relate to the situation. I once had a buyer who wanted his old website redesigned. The website was mainly about online courses and guess what, one of the main importat requirements is to add his low-in-quality hot air balloon picture above the fold. Which doesn’t make any sense at all, but he insisted on having it.

The thing is, buyers don’t usually understand how web design works. They judge the design from a personal perspective rather than what’s best for business. So you spend hours conducting user research, building user personas, understanding potential market & improving user experience so that at the end, the buyer denies your work because you didn’t add the hot air balloon that he believes look super cool. And when you do, he’ll probably call you in a month or two informing you that the website you delivered is a total crap because it doesn’t convert any leads or whatever the objective was.

Luckily, i knew recently how to spot them. I don’t work with these type of buyers anymore and you should too!


A great lesson in identifying ignorant expectations early!

Run away!


Well so much have been discussed here by @humanissocial @youssefkamel @eoinfinnegan @uk1000. My conclusion will be I learn great lessons about dealing with buyers.

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OP in your case it sounds like they wanted free work from you so I would refuse to cancel and deliver the job. When they immediately come out with that kind of insult and want a refund without any explanation it is usually simply an attempt to get it free.

They are welcome to their opinion of your work but that does not mean they don’t have to pay you.


These are some of the unfortunate realities of an online marketplace.
There’s always a sign though, Incomplete scope, too much of a hurry, trying to contact you outside the platform. Sorry you got burned, but you of all people know the value of your work, people will only see things the way they are


No matter how much you try, you can’t make everyone happy.


This buyer too insisted on having this huge banner with his headshots on each sides that would cover almost the top half of the landing page with this blurry logo inside this banner ( created with those free icon and unmatching fonts). sigh

Lesson learned.


I appreciate the learning experience working with all types of people has brought me on fiverr. I’ve learned things here I never would have learned any place else about people. Between here, and youtube videos which provide lots of answers, it’s been invaluable.

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