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Buyer came back for refund

After marking the order complete with satisfaction. The buyer came back and asked me to refund as he don’t need the delivery anymore. As he didn’t provide the feedback I am afraid that he could harm my account. Can anyone tell me what should I do ?


He can’t do that however he can ask for a revision.

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I asked him but he said that he don’t the delivery anymore and he keep asking me for refund .

Tell them you were hired to do the work, which you did, and therefore you deserve to be paid for your time. Moreover ‘not needing’ it anymore is not a reason to ask for refund on a delivered order.

Also make sure to open a ticket with customer support to let them know that your buyer is trying to get work done for free.

Don’t give in to their demands. You worked, and you deserved to be paid.

Good luck


That’s the buyer’s problem - not yours. Sounds like fraud.

I would simply tell the client that you’ll forward their request to Fiverr customer support. It’s a polite and non-threatening way of telling your buyer “don’t mess with me”. I’d also add that “customer support are taking around 10 days to respond to tickets at the moment”.

Remember, a buyer has 10 days only from accepting the delivery (or if an order auto completes) to leave feedback. After 10 days, they can’t leave feedback.


I have heard that they have 1 month duration to provide feedback. Is that true ?

Not true. Buyers can leave feedback up to 10 days after an order is marked as complete. See this link:

The bit you need is this: " Once you click Accept & Review Order , you can provide feedback on your order. Feedback can be provided up to 10 days after the order is marked as complete. Once this timeframe is over the option to add feedback will no longer be available for either buyers or sellers."

Thank you so much!
I have already have contacted to support let see what happens.