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Buyer Can CANCEL Order for ANY REASON and get refund AFTER DELIVERY!

Had a buyer who requested numerous voice recordings with music. Order was delivered and buyer changed his mind stating he decided he wants a MALE voice instead of a Female voice (me), and wants me to deliver the recordings in a male voice. My gig is very clear that it is for a female voice, no male voices are offered. Buyer wants to cancel AND GET A REFUND because he now wants a male voice instead. This order took quite a lot of time to produce and was delivered exactly as my gig described. Recordings were very high quality and professional. I have excellent reviews from all of my previous buyers. I reached out to Fiverr customer support and brought up that this buyer is violating the Terms of Service by trying to cancel after receiving the order simply because he changed his mind and wants a male voice. The gig was delivered as described. This is like hiring a contractor to remodel your kitchen, and then wanting a refund when the work is done because you changed your mind and decided you want to remodel your bathroom instead. Fiverr support replied stating that they are “sorry” for the experience, but in essence, the buyer can cancel for ANY reason. This is what they responded with:
"While we would not cancel an order based on personal taste directly, the buyer does have the final word on how their funds are spent and any reason they want to cancel an order for is valid."
This is unacceptable to me as a seller. There is no protection for sellers who have spent a lot of time/energy on a project and makes it very easy for sellers to be taken advantage of. Time to spread the word. Anyone else have this experience?


Well, I can’t help you with that, but I took a look at your gigs. And if it is of any comfort: I like your voice. Sounds very nice.


really sad to hear this :frowning_face:

If you search forum, you will find a lot A LOT of topics from sellers just like you experiencing the same thing. Even TRS and PRO are experiencing this on their 1000$+ GIGS.

Just recently PRO seller was taken by 800$ profit due to buyer asking for cancellation.

For this reason, I treat some of my buyers as 5-year old kids. With respect, of course, but mentality of a 5-year old. I repeat over and over what I do, what is offered what is included and only to accept offer or make order if they understand what I have typed.
I even make remark couple of times to indicate I am female. You would be surprised how many order VO without listening to samples.

You have seller that does German CV, it is clearly stated in his GIG title, description and order, but every week he has cancellations due to people ordering and demanding English. He went from level two to zero due to that.


Thank you! I appreciate that!

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Great, i learned something from this…

It’s very unsettling. This makes it ripe for scammers to get work done for free. I’m not sure I want to continue with Fiverr anymore if they aren’t stepping up to protect sellers.

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It is not going to change.

What I noticed and it seems to work, I offer client a 5$ or 10$ sample. He pays me for my time and works to produce a sample. If he likes the sample then we switch to the mayor order. If he doesn’t like the sample have a nice day. I got paid for what I did.

Make the basic gig package a sample.

Thanku everyone. Because, this topic is very important for us :heart:

That may be helpful to try. However, it still doesn’t stop a scam buyer from thinking of an excuse to get a refund once a large project is delivered. Fiverr needs to step up to make it a secure place for sellers, but it doesn’t sound like they will.

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This is very helpful for me, thanks

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I love this solution. Sorry that Fiverr handled it this way, @angiesvoice_vo. It really is appalling and another reason I don’t care about levels and don’t do projects that take a long time unless I know the seller and really trust them (and my definition of a long time on a Fiverr gig is a few hours or so).