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Buyer can easily flop all of your business

i was make the logo designing gig, i have spend round about 3 to 5 day to make the account on fiverr after the 4 gig completed with 100% rating, one client have order me an gig and when i have place the order he placed bad comment on my gig and he sad ((However my time is even more important than 5 bucks.)) then i lost my business i think :frowning: i cant get any more order on this account :’(

You probably deserved the rating. I just looked at your gigs and found that the logo samples you’re using as your own come from at least 5 different designers on Logo Arena.

Show samples of your own work. Don’t steal from other people! If you could actually design a quality logo you wouldn’t need to rip other people off.

You tell emmmmm… tired of fake logo designers misrepresenting their work.

Now i know why they say “Buyer beware” of sellers who promise you the world but fail to deliver!!! I have been trying to cancel this order from a logo design girl who claims that she does 2D images. I gave her clear written instructions specifically what i was looking for down to the color and text… Heck if i had the skill and the software i would have designed it myself. She gives me this grade school attempt that had NONE of the elements in my simple but descriptive instructions…

Now 8 days later… no logo and she does not respond to my request to cancel the order. I have emailed Customer Support with no response. Fiverr is holding my $25 for this design while the seller keeps rejecting my request to cancel the order… I don’t know what to do next. I don’t want to dispute the charges through PayPal but i feel at this point i have a bad taste in my mouth. I have a lot of freelance work and don’t paying more than $5 if i have to for the right person.

This was, what i was told the easiest way to get help on small projects really quickly… If anyone has any suggestions I would appreciate it. Don’t mean to sound bitter but i resent feeling like i am being taken advantage of. I am an honest buyer… i was looking for an honest seller… still looking. -

I’ve caught Fiverr sellers using my banner graphics to promote their service 6 different times now. Makes me angry every time. If you can really design, you wouldn’t need to do that.

They all have the same stupid excuse too. “I know they aren’t my images. They just represent what I can do.” Ugh.

Reply to @sherdoncons: You might want to consider teaming up with people you do have positive experiences with. Check out some of the higher rated sellers. Sure you can give a newcomer a gig every now and then if it’s just five bucks, but untill they have built up a trustworthy reputation I would never go beyond basic gigs with them.