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Buyer can give the review even after cancellation of order

here is the problem in fiverr system, even if you do not do the job, like the buyer order you and that order is not related to the services you provide, or for personal reasons you cancel the order, the buyer can still give the review :confused:
it happens to me first time,i was asleep when the buyer ordered i saw his order after 12 hours,but that work was not related to the work i offer. as i was unable to do a job what a buyer ordered , i cancelled it but what the heck he did, posted a negative review on my profile.
i explained him my situation that his required job is not related to my work, but he keep on saying DO my Job or the review will be there,
now even his funds are refunded still then he is saying do the job or the review will be there,
what should i do now?
isn’t it a bad thing a giving a buyer facility to give review even after cancellation of order.
i had 100% positive rating but because of him it became 99… wht should i do,???

You are the only person I know with this issue, so this is either a new update or something went wrong? I thought it was a late delivery order but I can see that “unacceptable experience” review.

You should contact Customer Support as it really sounds to me like something went wrong.

Although if what you say is true, a shitstorm is on the horizon…

EDIT: 99% isn’t bad either! In 99% of the rest of your life, 99% is a pretty good score… lol