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Buyer can now mark order complete without leaving feedback?

was it possible earlier? I don’t think so! I guess its a new feature being introduced.

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yes it was possible earlier :slight_smile:

It was possible earlier, and then it wasn’t (perhaps to convince more buyers to leave a review, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it only made them let the order auto-complete).

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If it’s true, then how can the 4.8 star standard (which is required to be on LEVEL 1, LEVEL 2 and Toprated) be maintained if the buyers leave without giving ratings?

Not easy but possible
Only 85% of my customers are giving ratings (around 100 orders/month, probably what you get in less than one week :stuck_out_tongue: )

Fortunatly 99% of these ratings are 5stars rating so I can maintain a 5.0

Yes, you can. I’ve done it myself. In my situation, I ordered something from a seller who I’ve seen on the forum. I really didn’t like the work so I marked it complete and did not leave a review because we are both sellers and I thought it would be awkward. In that case, had I been forced by Fiverr to leave a review it would not have benefitted the seller. Not getting a review every time is not always a bad thing. I don’t think the rating is based on the percent of reviews you get. It is based on the quality of reviews.


Basically I came to notice about it today. I of my buyer marked order complete and I got notice but no review was there. But later after 5 mins I got review also but this gap between the feedback and order complete made me post this thing to confirm if its possible now.

Since this happened, all my orders are being marked as complete, with no reviews.


It can be confusing rightly.

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They think they are doing this and it is the same as a review, since I stress the importance of leaving a review. They are not understanding what is going on.

Basically if we ask them again and again it can annoy them. Hopefully let us see what Fiverr can do about that so atleast they can notifiy buyer that you should leave a review

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I’m still hoping someone will post a screenshot of what they are seeing. So far no one has left a review, all have marked it complete.

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Yes, atleast we can also get an idea and guide them if neededd when they want to leav a review.

Same here. I’m at 85% reviewed, and 1 out of 10 reviewed yesterday. Could be a coincidence that it happened on the exact same day, but meh.

I talked to one of my loyal buyers yesterday. He said that it DID change for him as well on his end (Buyer not the most proficient in computer skills so no screen shot). He said that now it asks him if he would like to complete order/ request revision/ leave rating. Again, I cannot confirm this as I have not seen it.

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Then I see why it’s happening. So I will change my wording to “leave rating” and tell them not to “complete order” to see if that helps.

This change would be welcome if not for the need to get reviews so we don’t get demoted.

Yes, most of my orders are being marked completed without reviews.

I have not given feed back on my last order. I am still trying to get to a place of balance between the excellent work that I ended up getting and the tooth pulling I had to do to get it done. I am beginning to wonder if Fiverr is the place to have done what I need done. I had hoped to have several different things done, by the seller, but I do not want to have to go through what I have just experienced. Sometimes no rating is better than the one I immediately wanted to give. Still sitting on it for as long as I can before rating. Hopefully the rating will get better.