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Buyer cancel after delivery while finding someone cheaper

The buyer delivered a copyright-protected image for editing. It was in the middle of the night as I found it, during my 7 hours working on his job, so instead, I created 5 similar alternatives from scratch, to let him choose from (even though the job was about a single image only). In between, he found someone who could do the same job cheaper, so the day after, as I delivered the 5 variants, he suddenly wanted to cancel. I offered him unlimited revisions (instead of the agreed 3 revisions) to get him satisfied but he denied it. He tried any trick and argumentation in order to cancel the job and save himself the money.
How would you behave?

you didn’t have to accept his dispute.


Exactly as said above - tell them that the work has already been done and so you cannot agree to a cancellation.

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I didn’t… He became very aggressive…

He’s new to fiverr (May 2020). He had 3 orders to date, and gave a negative review on his first victim… Fiverr support only told me to try find a solution with him, but his level of language is way far than mine…

I faced similar situations too. Finding no other way I had to cancel. Sometimes it is impossible to convince an aggressive customer.

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Absolutely… He probably needs the money for drugs… :wink:

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How do you know what one ordered…

Sounds like you are worried about that. If you want to avoid negative reviews then cancel but be prepared to do it often. I prefer to get paid and take a negative review, not to leave people away with conning the system. Oftentimes buyers don’t leave a review, especially now since we can leave reviews on their profile. 49 positive reviews on your profile - you can afford a negative one if it happens.

That’s right - support can’t and won’t do anything here. It is you and your client, you have to decide how to handle it.

Keep it simple. What I said above would be understandable by anyone who is able to place orders here.


Thanks for sharing this very logically point of view!

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Hey guys, just an update:
After the job was marked as “done” due to the 3 days period, Fiverr canceled it and refunded the buyer without even asking or giving me any reason.
I’ve been to Fiverr from the very beginning when it was still a small startup in Israel, but unfortunately, I feel abused and deceived by this way of behaving. For the 3rd time in my history with Fiverr, I had to find out that money talks here louder than justice.
By this kind of behaving, I don’t see any reason to stay. I consider closing now my account and moving to one of the other platforms who always treated me fairly and correctly.
Thanks again for all your support and positive inputs.

I have faced this type issue but i fought in customer support court and got my funds as compensation.Here fiverr support can’t ask the buyer to accept or cancel the order .
You can still get your money if you can prove that the buyer is still using your delivery.
Send the screenshot or any proof before the customer support and hopefully you will get your money :slight_smile:

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@marsarts I’m so sorry hear that… I don’t think it is better to run away from fears, sometime we have to face our fears and scare away fears… Life is about challenges and abilities to keep moving and never to relent bring success at later day… You’re doing good to others doesn’t mean others we do good in reciprocal… The scenario is like “Just because you don’t eat lion doesn’t mean lion will not eat you”… That’s life for you… Never run away from your fears.

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We had a discussion before he ordered and sent me his image.

Thanks for the wise words. It’s not about fears, but about fairness. If you accept evil in this world, you become a part of the problem, so I do believe that even being in the minority, you should be in peace with your values and look for environments who share the same point of view.

@marsarts I understand your point… I really want you to continuing be part of this family…

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This is not a solid reason for order cancellation.

Although I don’t see any negative review on your profile !!

It’s not always possible to please every buyer.

This is the loop-hole I found. Why did you worked on a copyright-protected image for editing? You should have immediately asked for a clarification. Have this listed in your FAQs that “I don’t work on copyright protected images”. Set some rules for your gig if you want to avoid cancellation(s).

It sounds like it differs from the original requirement of the buyer. You must have avoided that at all costs. You have gone way ahead at this step!! You don’t let the buyer know that you won’t be able to work on the provided image. If the buyer accept your terms then well and good else you should have contacted Support for a cancellation as you rely heavily on the buyer’s part to provide a non-copyright image for editing.

Doesn’t match with the original requirement of the buyer though. It can be seen as a “Null delivery”.

He won’t accept it !! (No buyer will accept this, to be more frank)

Fiverr cannot force a buyer to accept a delivery and moreover your delivery doesn’t fit with the buyer’s need.

I won’t have worked on this order, right from the very beginning when he sent you the copyrighted image for editing if I was in your shoes.

Good Luck for your future endeavors!!

Thank you so much for this very detailed estimation! Much appreciated!

As said, my motivation among these circumstances was to get him happy by offering over delivery weil wasn’t able to contact him in real time. All I wanted was to move ahead, but yes, you are completely right. Your own values and opinions as seller in such cases have absolutely no importance.

Anyway, thanks again for your clever point of view. I’ll be defenetaly taking it with me in future issues like this, if there will be any.