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Buyer cancel contract after she received the final product

Hi Fiverr Family,

I need your thoughts to enlighten me more on this Fiverr gig policies.
I had a client who availed my premium service of podcast editing. She send me the file and I’ve worked for it and delivered it on the right time.

After she was able to received the final product, she refuse to pay and keeps on asking to cancel the order. Now, I already invested time and energy to work on her podcast episodes and she already had the final product.

She tries to cancel the gig which was already delivered to her twice and keeps taking ALIBI’s as to not to pay me for my service. So I asked Fiverr customer support to help me and intervene.

Now this Fiverr support named Nick ( Nick | Customer Support | that’s his “signature” sided the buyer and cancelled her order, which was already delivered to the buyer(my client) without doing careful investigation on our conversation. How would I know that? because, Fiverr notify me through email that the order was cancelled by Nick and the reason for cancellation was not even stated and/or the link was nowhere to be found(Sounds odd? Yes. it does)

Btw, I have a constant rating of 5 star reviews to all my work done, and having her alibi, that she dislike the podcast edit is purely a scapegoat to not to pay me.

Here is my concern:

  1. Does being a Seller does not guarantee you for the services that you do when the Buyer cancelled your “delivered” order? Who would pay all the labor you rendered?

  2. How do Fiverr protect us, the Gigworkers from these scammers?

  3. Why do Fiverr easily sided the Buyer on my case? I read the buyers says she has some connections on Fiverr, does that weigh more than Me as their assets?


really alarming to all


Were you also having the same issues? I believe there was a insider in their support group that works with scammers. Btw, the picture used by Nick(the customer support does not even look credible - in my opinion

If you read the forum long enough or do a search for this type of topic, you will find that there are some who cancel orders and may be scammers. Nothing new.

What you should have done was kept denying their request to cancel instead of having Customer Service step in - of course the buyer is going to give some lame excuse and get them to cancel it.

Is there a way you can check to see if they are using your work on their site or podcast? If so, you can send them a DMCA to take down work that was not authorized or paid for.

Also, your conspiracy theory that there are buyers and customer service reps who are “working together” to rip off sellers is just waaaaay out there.



Hi, yes thank you for bringing up the DMCA, I was waiting and watching their podcast and will surely escalate this when I see my work on their show. I have some cues on my work to help me identify it.

Thank you for the advice.