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Buyer cancel order , but using my video

hey there i want to know about some thing , like there was one buyer who ask refund from me , and i did its about 2 month ago and now today i saw he/she using my video on his own ac on youtube ,


That’s very unfortunate. Contact Fiverr Customer Support and they will take necessary actions against the buyer.

You can also claim your video on YouTube because you are the owner of it. His account will get 1 strike and that would be very bad for him. Tit for tat.

Note: Mentioning buyer or seller username is not allowed in these cases so re-upload your photo after hiding the username.

Suggestion: Deliver a watermarked video or photo so they cannot cheat the system.


yes sir i am also thinking to do that , should i contact with buyer 1st or directly contact with fiverr team

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Directly with Fiverr Team. There is now no need to contact the buyer. He will then block you from contacting him so it’s better to not let him know anything about this scenario. Record the screen as a video proofs and photos too, because sometimes other parties will say that you have edited the photo. So do your best.


thank you so much for help me with that going to contact with fiverr team ,

If it’s a copyright issue, Fiverr can’t do anything about it to stop the person from using it. As far as I know, when the buyer is refunded, they lose all rights to use what they purchased from you. So you’ll have to be in contact with the buyer, and let them know that if they don’t stop using the content, you’re prepared to take the steps to stop him using content they don’t have the rights to. One way is to report the video to youtube, but that wouldn’t affect any other sites the video might be used on.

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Leave a comment on the video explaining that you created it, but were not paid for your work due to the person ordering requesting a full refund. Then also file a complaint with Youtube.

Likely, the person using this video doesn’t know you weren’t paid. Often, brands like this pay big bucks to marketing and web design companies who really outsource all their client orders to Fiverr. By exposing this strategy to their end clients, you send the reputability of such resellers into a tailspin. - Which if you ask me, is more than justly deserved.


A comment can be deleted in just 3 seconds by the creator.

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i can report on youtube but i know that nothing will happen to his/her account or maybe just video will be taken down or maybe that will also not

If you went ahead and refunded the money no questions asked I think that he can use the video how he pleases as in effect you gave it to him.

Did you ever tell him he can’t use it? What would make him think he was not supposed to use it?

I understand that it seems like someone who got a refund would not be able to use the video but legally I’m not sure it works that way unless you specifically told him not to use it.

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yes everyone can delete bad comment from his/her ac , that’s the problem i was not thinking to do any steps but , i am sure he is doing same things with other fiverr seller too that’s why came here to ask idea about it

no after refunding , i never contact to him , he was just disappointing me , he was saying he can make better than me haha :frowning: ,
but i am confused if he can edit better then me the why he came on fiverr and now he is using that video which he din’t even liked

I’m sorry that happened to you but you could have refused to give a refund. It just seems to me like you gave him a free video willingly. And you didn’t tell him he couldn’t use it.

For example let’s say someone buys a car from you but then wants a refund for the car which you give them, but you don’t take back the car from them. You just in effect GAVE them the car!

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“All transfer and assignment of intellectual property to the Buyer shall be subject to full payment for the Gig and the delivery may not be used if payment is cancelled for any reason.” - From Terms of Service.


The final delivery has to be made without a seller’s watermark on it otherwise, the seller would be breaking the ToS.

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So then he can complain to fiverr about it and fiverr can do something about it.

It’s really up to a seller to refuse to refund unless they want this kind of problem and not try to rely on the fiverr TOS. In actual reality that might not solve the problem, such as in this case.

I think you should neither contact the buyer nor Fiverr. Also, posting a comment in the video is not going to help either (for a reason that has already been mentioned). I think you should contact YouTube directly and claim copyrights for that video (which is rightfully yours). You can then prove to YouTube that you’re the rightful owner (with relevant screenshots/files) in your copyright claim.

If your copyright claim succeeds, YouTube will then remove the video and give the YouTube channel a copyright strike.


I am sorry, I was talking about Fiverr Watermark.


How would he claim he is the rightful owner?

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I don’t get it, whats wrong with it? To me it looks like its freeze frame on motion blur.

From a buyers perspective if I paid for it I am going to use it, even if its bad I can use it, better than nothing. However, if I disputed it a month or more later, (never would I do this) And you refunded me. ( why would you?) I would have taken them down.

So I suggest;

  1. you report him for not taking it down on youtube to youtube.

  2. Make sure fiverr knows of this experience so it does not reflect bad on you.

  3. Move on and judge yourself by your good buyers.

  • Cheers
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